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Program Committee: Terms of Reference

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The Program Committee advises the OSCA Board on issues related to the programs offered by OSCA, including the structure, fees, staffing, and operations.


  • Encourage the development and implementation of programs that meet the needs of Old Ottawa South
  • Ensure that OSCA is in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labour, CRA, City of Ottawa and any other applicable organizations as they relate to the running of programs
  • Liaise with stakeholders on programming needs and priorities to foster greater cohesion across the organization
  • Develop policies and procedures that ensure programs are run in a financially sound manner
  • Oversee operations, marketing, and client care of the Firehall Fitness Centre
  • Advise the Board of major issues related to its mandate Regularly review its Terms of Reference and make recommendations for changes to the Board


The Program Committee is accountable to the Board and will supply copies of its minutes, reports and other documents at monthly Board meetings.


The Committee has the authority to:

  • Review materials related to programs
  • Make recommendations to the Board in relation to articles, by-laws, member consultation and communication issues
  • Consult with the Executive Director on the hiring of employees and contractors to run OSCA’s programs when appropriate
  • Make expenditures related to the operations of OSCA’s programs
  • Make recommendations to the Board on structure, process and budget required to implement its mandate.
  • Regularly assess OSCA’s programs

Membership and Voting

Membership in the committee is open to interested Board members, staff, volunteers and other Old Ottawa South community members. The Executive Director and Executive Assistant of OSCA are members of the committee. Ideally the committee has no more than ten and no fewer than four members, with at least two members from the Board, as well as a Board Member who serves as Chair. Membership is maintained through the committee’s email list.

Voting is conducted in accordance with OSCA’s by-laws.


The Chair of the committee is a member of, and appointed by, the Board. The Chair is responsible for organizing the meetings of the committee and reporting on the committee’s work to the Board. The Chair is also a member of the Executive Committee.

Frequency of Meetings and Manner of Call

Meetings will be held on a monthly basis. Meetings will be called through emails and the OSCA website.


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The Chair of the committee, who is a member of the Board, will report to the Board every month.

Date of Last Review: March 10, 2014

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