Old Ottawa South Community Association


OSCA offers a wide range of school break and summer camps. We have developed camps that allow for kids to have fun, experience the outdoors, challenge themselves and socialize with their peers in a safe environment. Our camps follow all regulations and recommendations set by Ottawa Public Health. While the rules may change our commitment to providing a fun and safe experience will not.

Though we hope we are nearing the end of the pandemic, the situation is still evolving and it’s difficult to predict what rules & restrictions will look like when summer camps are set to begin. Despite this, the team at OSCA is confident in our ability to keep everyone safe while having a ton of fun. We resumed our After-4 program in September of 2020 and have learned so much about running programs during a pandemic in the months since.

Operating summer camps will require diligence and care, but we believe it’s important now more than ever for children to get back to having fun, growing and exploring, and interacting with their peers in a safe environment. Though this year may be more challenging, we are so excited to get back into the swing of things and get outside!

This summer we will be relying on our feet to get us where we want to go from walking to biking. We are blessed to have so many wonderful parks in our neighbourhood and plan to make use of them this summer.

Special events and activities will be a big part of the fun.


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