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Virtual coffee, sewing, and zooming. That's a thing now. We will show you how. No experience necessary. 

Balance and Your Body: How Exercise Can Help You Avoid A Fall

Workshop 1: Monday, July 20 2:00-3:00PM
Workshop 2: Monday, August 17 2:00-3:00PM

As we age, our risk of falling increases, as does the likelihood that a fall will cause an injury. Before the time of COVID-19, falls were the leading cause of injury, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations for seniors in North America, and half of all falls happened in a person's own home. What about now? No data has yet been compiled on home-based falls during the pandemic, but the number has likely increased, as seniors have become more housebound as well as more sedentary. How can we help seniors prevent a fall, maintain their independence, and avoid a hospital visit? In this workshop, Amanda Sterczyk, an independent author and personal trainer, will teach participants about the balance "sweet spot", the complexity of our balance system, and how easy it is to incorporate exercise into their daily lives to improve their balance and prevent falls.
Instructor: Amanda Sterczyk

Franklin Method - Love Your Neck and Shoulders

Wednesdays 2:00-3:30PM 
July 15
Join Rowena to have a closer look at the function and movement of this complex area of your body that can be mysterious and problematic for many people. As you gain a basic understanding and experience of the anatomy, you will notice shoulders that feel truly relaxed, a neck that moves more freely, and the bonus? Better breathing and posture!
Facilitator: Rowena Hall

Franklin Method - Love Your Muscles and Joints

Wednesdays 2:00-3:30PM 
August 19
Do you really understand muscles and how they work? We generally know we need to strengthen and stretch them – but what does that really mean? Join me to explore basic experiential anatomy, combined with imagery and movement, leading to muscles (and joints!) that can move you efficiently.
Facilitator: Rowena Hall

Intro To Zoom Workshop

Friday, July 3 

We will be hosting a Zoom tutorial for those who would like to familiarize themselves with the Zoom platform.
Instructor: Darcy Middaugh

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