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Programming in a dangerous time. Experiences from OSCA’s Program Staff - Katherine Boisvert

Programming in a dangerous time. Experiences from OSCA’s Program Staff - Katherine Boisvert

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Teamwork and Technology.

My relationship with technology has always been a little rocky. I am known for constantly misplacing my phone and suffering at the hands of autocorrect. I am, however, blessed with some live-in technical support in the form of my children. I still frequently sign into the wrong Zoom meeting and cannot for the life of me use the “share my screen” option for story time with the little ones. I did, however, figure out how to adapt: I set my story slides up and send them to Darcy to share for me. Teamwork is important.

My first programming task was to make some fun Olympic-themed challenges to share on Instagram and Facebook. It’s easy, they said. Step one was to choose an Olympic game so I chose the discus toss. My next hurdle was to find a “discus”. I found a beach toy that would suffice. I pulled on my OSCA T-shirt and headed outside with my discus to practice. I wanted to look great for the screen. I also set up a photo-shoot to get the best picture of my discus for my Instagram post. I set my discus against the tree in my yard and started my photo-shoot. I then began to practice throwing. On my second throw, the discus landed in my neighbor’s window-well. I fell on my attempt to retrieve the discus (I also cut my arm, but I’m tough). This was not going as planned.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have attempted it on my own; however, I was waiting for my videographer to get out of bed. Once my daughter got out of bed, things started to turn around. I threw the discus as she filmed me. She then sent the footage and pictures from my earlier photo-shoot to her sister and like magic, it was posted.

My oldest daughter is very adept at all things related to social media. Unfortunately, she’s not part of the live-in Boisvert team, so of course I called her. She talked me through all the steps stating, “It’s easy don’t worry.”

For my first craft tutorial video, I simply ran around my house to grab some things and put them on the desk. As I was looking around for everyday objects people would have in their home, I decided on the idea of creating an Olympic torch since we were trying our hand at some Olympic videos. Doing the craft wasn’t the problem, so much as filming myself was. However, my experts were once again available, luckily.

I’ve been able to embark on other journeys since those early days. I’ve learned, however, although the way I program may have changed, my team is still there when I need their help.

Katherine Boisvert is one of OSCA's Preschool & Child Program Coordinators.

This article was originally published in the May-June 2020 edition of the OSCAR.

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