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How to Access Your Online Tax Statements

07 February 2017 | Published in Program Policies.

  1. Login to your profile

2. Once you’re in your profile, look on the left hand side where the red buttons are and click “Bills, Payments, Credit Notes” button. 

Step3 3. The screen should look like this now:
Step4 4. You’ll now want to click the “Statement” tab.
  5. Put in the dates you want (or leave them blank to search all of your programs) and click “Search”

6. You’ll then see your statement for the programs between the dates you selected. On the right of each is a click box with checkmarks in them. For any item on your statement that you don’t want, you can click off of it so it won’t show up when you go to print the statement.

 Step7 7. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click “Build Detailed Statement”
Step8 8. You should now see the detailed report that looks like this:
Step9 9. Click “Print” and a PDF version of your statement will appear. Print it and you’re all set!
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