Old Ottawa South Community Association

Update on Bronson Place Tree Planting

bronson place tree plantingFirst, here is the good news. It was an intense, hot and hard summer thwarted. All through the long drought, which hung over Ottawa in June and July, the Bridge-to-Bridge conservation project was still able to get volunteers out to water the trees. By superb efforts, led by Dimitris Georgaras and David Amundsen, we lost far fewer trees than than the City in past years while maintaining the green space in an attractive fashion.

The bad news is the news from Ottawa City Hall that there is to be a reconstruction of Bronson Avenue planned for 2013-14. If you have seen what the City Hall barbarians have done to other streets around the city in their 'reconstructions' here is what we can expect: more traffic, more pollution, more noise, less sidewalk space, less safe access for bicycles, and less beauty in our city.

We are trying to stop the steady encroachment of Bronson Avenue onto our community by planting more trees. The plan now is to plant a series of flowering trees that in the spring will turn the area red and white and show both beauty and patriotism. Please join us, we will be doing another tree-planting on Saturday, September 29 at 9.30 a.m. on Bronson Place.

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