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From the Archives: Sunnyside and Bank a Tricky Corner for over 80 years

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For Safety in School Area

Editorial published in the Ottawa Citizen Oct 26, 1927.

In the interest of public safety a Citizen reader would like to draw attention to the danger to children attending Hopewell Avenue School, who have to cross Bank street at Sunnyside avenue, between the hours of 8:30am and 9:00am.

At those hours several cars are usually parked on the east side of Bank street obstructing the view, and as cars are continually proceeding along north on Bank street, at what appears to be an excessive rate of speed regardless of the sign denoting “School Area”, young children are exposed to the risk of being run down. To watch them as they are waiting to cross will convince anyone that, as likely as not, they would make the venture at the wrong time.

Not every parent is able to take his children across at that hour, which at present is the only safeguard against accident.

Would it be too much to ask the owners of the cars to park either further away from the school area on Bank street, or on Sunnyside avenue?

The owners would surely be glad to take a few extra steps to prevent an accident.

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