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From the Archives: Community Programs 1947-style

From the Archives: Community Programs 1947-style

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September 1947 marked the start of a new season at the Ottawa South Community Center, housed at Hopewell Avenue Public School. The recreation center's theme urged residents of Ottawa South to take a chance on 'Childhood Preferred' and invest in a boy or girl in order to get a great man or a great woman.

From the Ottawa Citizen, Friday September 26, 1947:

Ottawa South Invests in ‘Childhood Preferred’

Active Season for Community Center Where Boys and Girls of District Gather for Fun

Another active season for the Ottawa South Community Center is just beginning. The center, which is held in Hopewell avenue school, was opened last Friday for the first time this fall.

Tonight the teenagers will register. Registration night for adults who want to become members will be Wednesday. 

Something of interest to everyone is included in the program which the Center is offering for the coming season. Those who like to work with their hands can get instruction in any one, or several, of a wide variety of handicraft classes.

For those who like plenty of action there is a square dance group, volleyball leagues, program skating or a choice of several athletic activities. One may join the camera club, or enter into dramatics, sing in the glee club or play in the orchestra. If it is brain exercise you want, join the forum and discussion club or the chess and checker club.

Name Your Hobby

In fact, it seems to be a case of “name your hobby interest and we will try and provide facilities to cover it”. 

The Ottawa South Recreation Center completed its first year of operation last spring—and a successful year it was too.

The official opening of the center was Nov. 6, with Mayor Stanley Lewis and C. H. Hulse, chairman of the public school board and representative of the Ottawa recreation commission, as special guests.

This year it is hoped to have the official opening night shortly after adult registration. Special guests have yet to be announced.

George N. Tompkins, chairman of the membership and finance committee, reported that while the Ottawa recreation commission has paid the greater part of the cost of the operation of the Center during the past season, it was decided that it would be desirable and beneficial to the Center if the members assumed a little larger share of the costs. 

Membership fees suggested for the 1947-48 season are as follows: juveniles 25¢ (10 to 13 years), teenagers 50¢ (14 to 19 years) adults $1.00 (20 and over).

Executive Committee

Those on the executive committee are: Allan Sharp, chairman; George N. Tompkins, vice-chairman; Eleanor Fancy,  secretary; John Drummond, treasurer; and Mrs. W. W. Myles, Mrs. C. Leach and F. R. Jessop.

This season the center will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, with Wednesday as the main adult night. Activities will start at 7:30.

Here is the theme of the Recreation Center:

“In times like these invest in boys and girls.  Men talk about buying stock at the bottom. When you invest in a boy or girl you are always buying at the bottom. You are sure that the youngster is going up, and there is no telling how far. We invite every man and woman in Ottawa South to take a flyer in Childhood Preferred. We predict a great future for this security. You are sure to get a man or a woman. You may get a great man or a great woman.”

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