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Aerial Photos of Old Ottawa South in 1967

Featured in the April 2021 OSCAR.

I was organizing my late parents’ slides and found five aerial photos of what was then called Ottawa South which I believe were taken by my father, Ted Adamson, in 1967. Here are some of the differences I noticed between then and now.


From the Skies: Old Ottawa South

Photos by Tom AlfoldiA photo archive of Old Ottawa South from the not too distant past.

Old Ottawa South photographer Tom Alföldi likes to take to the skies for aerial photography. In 2011, he captured pictures of the bridges of Old Ottawa South, which can be seen in the December 2011 OSCAR. Here, have a look at his aerial shots of a few of our neighbourhood buildings.


Ottawa Then & Now Photos

a012914-v6-mikan-3318580-smallJohn West has developed a creative hobby — he re-takes old photographs of Ottawa and then creates an animated dissolve between the old and new photograph. He posts his work on his website www.Ottawahh.com.

Have a look at some of the images of the Old Ottawa South area.

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