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OSCAR Submission Guidelines

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The OSCAR is a community paper paid for entirely by advertising. It is published by the Old Ottawa South Community Association Inc. (OSCA). Distribution is free to all Old Ottawa South homes and businesses, and selected locations in Old Ottawa South and the Glebe. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of The OSCAR or OSCA.

Contributions should be in electronic format sent by e-mail to oscar@oldottawasouth.ca in either plain text or WORD format. All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. The Editor has the final say about style, format, and content. The OSCAR Editorial Policy is available on the OSCA Website. Some articles may be posted on the OSCA Website. The OSCAR is available online at www.oldottawasouth.ca.

Guidelines for Submissions

Articles must have a byline, please place it at the beginning of the article. Eg. By Brendan McCoy

Please keep articles under 750 words, and letters under 250 words. If you need more space please contact the editor.

Please provide one line of bibliographical information at the end of an article. Eg . Brendan McCoy is the Editor of the OSCAR and has enjoyed living in OOS for more than a decade.

Please provide articles in .doc, .docx or .rtf formats.

Keep in mind that we need to reformat all the articles so we can apply the OSCAR styles. Do not rely on formatting to help the reader understand what you are saying, let the words speak for themselves. There are several exceptions:

Boldface for subtitles is useful for the editor to quickly identify section headings.

Italics for additional information in a final paragraph — e.g. information about the author or contact information about an event. Italicize the entire paragraph.

Italics for book or movie titles.

Things we would like you to consider before sending your final draft (Assume that there is a very cheery "Please" before each of these.)

  • Do not include, and please remove all hyperlinks.
  • Do not include headers and footers.
  • Do include a title -- we might need to change it, or replace it, for one reason or another, but usually not.
  • Do include a byline with your full name. E.g. "By Michael Thibault" and title if you have one. It can be time consuming for the copy editor to track down the author's name, especially if it is submitted by a third party.
  • Do use Times New Roman 11pt.
  • Do set your paragraph format to 0pt, single spaced. If you do this, do not insert additional carriage returns between paragraphs — these are removed manually.


If possible provide the brightest, clearest, largest original size photo in jpg format. Ideally provide CMYK photo that is 250 to 300 pixels per inch, original size that would be roughly 3648w x 2736h pixels for horizontal photo or 2736w x 3648h pixels for vertical photo. (3 MP = 2048 x 1536 pixels)

In the e-mail please provide the name of the photographer and a suggested caption for each photo.

Unless taken at a public event, please obtain express permission for publication from all subjects or their parents in the case of minors.

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