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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) is a grassroots community group that addresses issues concerning senior residents living in Old Ottawa South.

An Age Friendly Old Ottawa South!

Old Ottawa South is a great community for young and old, but now needs to become truly age-friendly in terms of:

  • Walkability: timing of crosswalks, accessibility, snow removal, salting/gritting
  • Social connections: social get-togethers in a welcoming space in the Old Firehall and other programs, promoting Telephone Assurance Program
  • Housing: promoting accessibility in the home, advocating co-housing, and Inclusionary Zoning
  • Health and Quality of Life: information sharing, offering local “Better Strength, Better Balance” classes, local access to health care

Your Bench Your Location!

Your Bench Your Location!

SWOOS meets iGEN: June 1st – Come Out And Vote!

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South celebrates its first year with an invite to young and old  to vote for the best location for a city bench!

Where: Cast your votes at The Firehall, 260 Sunnyside Avenue

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019, from 9:30am to 11:00am.

This past year, May 2018-2019, the SWOOS team searched what we, as a watchdog for seniors in Old Ottawa South, could or should actually do.


Minutes - SWOOS Meeting November 21, 2018

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS)
Committee Meeting November 21, 2018 7pm Firehall
Chair: Barbara Brown

Members: Anna Cuylits, Barbara Brown, Catherine Read, Christine Franklin, Niki Divito
Regrets: Fran Mowbray, Maura Giuliani, Helen Lynn,Tracey Morey, Carina Bleuer
Guests: Bryden Denyes, Richard Slowikowski, Colton Parsons

1. Guests were introduced and welcomed. Bryden Denyes is area manager with the City's Road Services, responsible for winter maintenance for Old Ottawa South (OOS). Richard Slowikowski is board President of the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA). Colton Parson is a new OOS resident and father of a young child.
2. Agenda was approved following agreement that item 4 concerning winter walkability would be addressed first.


Minutes - SWOOS Meeting Dec. 19, 2018

Meeting December 19, 2018 - hosted by Fran Mowbray!

Chair: Barbara Brown

Present: Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits, Christine Franklin, Fran Mowbray

Regrets: Maura Giuliani, Helen Lynn, Catherine Reid

(Temporarily) resigned: Carina Bleuer

1. Agenda approved

2. Minutes approved

It was recognised that SWOOS minutes are detailed, but could not be more concise, because of the information they provide.

Action Items

Wanted: Snow Moles in Old Ottawa South

Wanted: Snow Moles in Old Ottawa South

Are you concerned about winter walking? Snow and ice can lead to difficulties getting where you want to go, especially for seniors, young school children, parents with strollers and toddlers, and people with mobility challenges. Falling and injuring yourself is a real concern. Some seniors become isolated when getting out is too difficult and miss opportunities to socialize with friends and family members.

Do you want to know how safe and accessible your neighbourhood is for winter walking?

Snow Go

Snow Go

With the arrival of ice and snow, Ottawa winters can be a challenging time for seniors and people with limited mobility. The City of Ottawa funds two programs, Snow Go and Snow Go Assist, which help seniors and people with disabilities with their snow removal. 


Who You Gonna Call? Ten Numbers Seniors Need

Last winter, home alone late one night, I slipped on the kitchen floor and fell awkwardly. Fearing I’d broken my hip and sprained my ankle, I lay like a beached whale thinking, who am I going to call? What am I going to do?


Seniors: Where to Turn for Help

Where do we go for help when we want to make our home more senior friendly or accessible? Who can help us when we need to move? What do we do when we don’t have a family doctor and seek non-urgent care? Whom do we call when we are too sick to manage our care on our own?

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