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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South:

  • Advises the OSCA Board on senior issues related to senior residents in Old Ottawa South
  • Acts as a liaison between senior community members, public bodies and the Board
  • Increases awareness of resources available to seniors
  • Informs the community and invites dialogue by various means, such as its monthly column in the OSCAR


The objective of SWOOS is to address issues that concern seniors in Old Ottawa South

Current concerns include:

  • Walkability
  • Social connections in the community
  • Housing
  • Health and quality of life


SWOOS is accountable to the OSCA Board and will supply copies of its minutes, reports and other documents for monthly Board meetings and for posting on the OSCA website, as appropriate.


The Committee has the authority to:

  • Review materials and documents relevant to its purpose
  • Meet monthly
  • Solicit the views and opinions of the Old Ottawa South Community on issues related to seniors by various means, such as a monthly column in the OSCAR
  • Make recommendations to the Board on issues related to seniors living in Old Ottawa South
  • Make representation and presentations on senior related issues to public bodies, such as the Council On Aging, LHIN, Abbotsford House, the ward councillor, and that are consistent with OSCA objectives

Decision Making

Decisions will be made by voting. Agreement is required by 50% + 1 of voting committee members.

In the absence of a quorum at a meeting, important decisions will be made with an e-mail vote.


The SWOOS Committee will comprise residents of Old Ottawa South. Ideally, the committee will have a minimum of 4 members, excluding the chair. A minimum of one member of the SWOOS Committee will be an OSCA board member, appointed by the Board

The committee may establish working groups as deemed necessary.

SWOOS welcomes adjunct SWOOS members, who are not serving on the Committee, nor in a working group, but who want to remain informed of SWOOS activities. Adjunct members will be copied relevant e-mails.

Frequency of Meetings

Monthly: membership will be advised by e-mail from the Chair


50% + 1 of the Committee members


Monthly to the Board

Date of Review

September 26, 2018

Last modified on Friday, 19 October 2018 13:25

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