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Steering Committee Meeting, September 26, 2018 - 7:00

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Participants: Anna Cuylits, Sally Andrews, Barbara Brown, Christine Franklin, Maura Giuliani, Helen Lynn, Catherine Read  

Regrets: Fran Mowbray

Points discussed

1.     Minutes and Agenda:  Both were approved

2.      Guests welcomed   .  The members were very happy to welcome two new faces to the meeting.  Sally Andrews and Maura Giuliani were introduced to the members present.  Maura expressed an interest in working on “walkability”  and in joining the committee while Sally wished to be kept apprised of activities but did not wish to become a member.   

  1. Terms Of Reference  Anna had distributed a draft ToR to all members.  This was discussed at length and amended.  Anna and Catherine will work on the revised document, which will be presented to the next OSCA Board meeting in the hopes of our becoming a committee of OSCA. 
  2.  Interest in SWOOS during September   The article in the September issue of OSCAR resulted in 5 expressions of interest. Catherine had monitored the account, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., during September, acknowledging each email, informing the writer of our areas of activity, welcoming each to the committee if interested, etc.  Of the 5 people, 2 wished to have help with household and yard tasks, 2 were concerned with socialization, and one had a very general interest.  All 5 people had been sent details of the this meeting, the agenda and the minutes of the last meeting.  Catherine will continue to monitor the site during October although this duty will be rotated among all the other members.  
  3.  Upcoming OSCAR Articles:  Catherine has written an article entitled “Who you Gonna Call? 10 numbers every OOS senior should know” for the November issue of OSCAR.  Research for the article revealed some problems and errors with the pamphlet which provoked the idea for the article. The input from the LHIN and Abottsford House helped correct errors and misleading information.   
  4. Meeting with LHIN & Abbotsford House  Anna hosted the meetingon August 30 attended byEric Partington (Champlain LHIN),  Clare McCabe (Community Care),  Karen-Anne Blakely (Abbotsford House)  and  SWOOS members, Fran and Catherine. Eric and Carol outlined the roles of their respective organizations and indicated that they were in a transition stage and were attempting to improve efficiency and coordination to improve patient care. SWOOS members pointed out significant problems with the current system which results in a great deal of overlap and frustration for patients.  Making contact with these Directors in the local Healthcare field may be extremely useful in future. 
  5. Election Questions for Councilors  4 questions had been submitted by SWOOS to the Board.  These were combined into one question which all prospective councilors would respond to in writing in October’s OSCA.  Another question would be formulated which could be put at the next all-candidates’ meeting. 
  6. Impact Hourshttps://impacthours.org  Christine reported that the site has received over 2000 unique visitors since March 2018.  Carleton U’s Learning in Retirement Program mentioned impact hours in one of its emails.  This resulted in increased traffic to the site. 
  7. Further OSCAR Articles: November – Who you Gonna Call? ; Possibilities are - December- Peggy Edwards could be approached to write one on snow moles and winter walkability;  January- Housing?  
  8.  Meeting at Stella Luna: One of the prospective members had suggested discussion groups at Stella Luna.   This idea needs to be explored further.  The back room at Stella Luna can be booked in advance.  
  9. Seniors Day, October 1.  Anna and Christine have been invited by the Minister of State for Seniors to participate in a Roundtable on Parliament Hill to discuss seniors issues.  

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 24 at 7:00. Place to be determined. 

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