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Minutes - SWOOS Meeting Dec. 19, 2018

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Meeting December 19, 2018 - hosted by Fran Mowbray!

Chair: Barbara Brown

Present: Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits, Christine Franklin, Fran Mowbray

Regrets: Maura Giuliani, Helen Lynn, Catherine Reid

(Temporarily) resigned: Carina Bleuer

1. Agenda approved

2. Minutes approved

It was recognised that SWOOS minutes are detailed, but could not be more concise, because of the information they provide.

Action Items

3. “Snow Mole Audits” January 8, 10 am at the Firehall.

Considering logistics, we expect the whole exercise of meeting, instructions, the walk itself and debriefing afterwards to take 90 minutes. 

Peggy Edwards will lead our first launch. She has experience with other launches on behalf of Age Friendly Ottawa.

In order to give the Snow Mole audit our best chance, SWOOS decided to carry out a telephone poster campaign blitz 1 week before the audit. 

* Anna and Christine work on wording  - Anna to ask OSCA staff to produce posters.

4. Social Connections

SWOOS decided to focus on using Snow Moles and other expressions of a participating community to facilitate social connections. and lower social barriers.

Discussion evolved about Block Parties and various ways to manage a block e-mail list, while securing privacy. 

* No concluding decision was made.

5. Update of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. correspondence:

We received a few more e-mails re. the Snow Mole audit.

Anna expressed concern about her lack of expertise to organise the mail, but OSCA staff has promised to assist!

* Anna agreed to continue maintaining the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. account until completion of Snow Mole audits


6. Maura has submitted the January SWOOS column on the Housing Forum. 

For the February column we decided to report on the first Snow Mole audit.

7. Anna reported about the November 30 Housing Forum. The forum provided an overview of different forms of supportive housing for seniors, such as a group of friends sharing a dwelling, church sponsored senior housing, the OASIS model in a rental apartment, co-op housing and CMHC funded housing.

* The Housing Forum will provide their report in the next few months. 

8. Health.

Barbara expressed concern about the lack of information and support for caregivers trying to negotiate health services for the people they care about.

9. Providing a SWOOS information hub on OSCA’s website.

We were wondering if OSCA’s website was user friendly enough and how accessible valuable SWOOS articles were on the website, such as Catherine’s column “Who you gonna call”? and Barbara’s initiative to share experiences related to healthcare.

* Anna to follow up with OSCA’s communication team and report back to SWOOS

10. Next meeting January 16 at the Firehall.


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