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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) Goals & Objectives 2019/2020 - October update

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OSCA Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS)
Goals & Objectives May 2019 – 2020


Mid-term Review October 2019

Old Ottawa South is a great community for young and old: SWOOS endeavours to enhance the quality of life for and with our senior residents and for Old Ottawa South to become truly “Age-Friendly” * in terms of:

· Walkability

  1. Monitoring of winter walking conditions: yearly Snow Mole audits, articles, OSCA website, engaging volunteers
    In planning stage for the winter 2019-2020
  2. Adequate snow removal, salting/gritting of sidewalks: maintain working relationship with the City and our councillor
    Refer to #1
  3. Explore possibility of developing Walkability App: currently being explored
    App to be further developed at RHoK Hackathon Oct. 25-27 and interface with the City pending decision
  4. Extend timing of automatic crosswalk signals: support OSCA’s Traffic and Safety Committee and the Council On Aging in their efforts
    Continue our support
  5. Improve accessibility, increase the number of benches (either side of Bank Street, parks), increase and identify washroom availability to the public such as articles, OSCA website, fundraising projects, advocate for more ramps/”stop gaps”, baby change tables, collaborate with our councillor
    iGen Bench scheduled for placement before Oct. 25

· Intergenerational Social Connections

  1. Invite dialogue: maintain e-mail account swoos18@gmail.com
  2. Promote and support community get-togethers such as articles, support the City’s June 1 Intergenerational Day, engage adult and H.S. volunteers
    - Celebrated June 1 Intergenerational Day with a successful “Your bench-- -Your Location” event
    - Wrote 2 articles related to Intergenerational Day
    - Still trying to resolve issues involving H.S. volunteers
    - Developed a working relationship with Carleton U. school of Computer Sciences and Industrial Design
    - Meetings with Carleton U students re. Housing and Industril Design projects
    - Attend and participate in the Thursday Regeneration Events
    - Reach out and welcome new members to SWOOS committees
    - We support a new senior lunch & speaker program at Trinity
  1.  Establish “Buddy Benches: promoting and fundraising
    See Walkability #5

· Housing

  1. Promote and provide information on improving accessibility in existing homes
    Promoted the Council On Aging “Housing Options in Ottawa” - A Guide for Older Adults: now posted on OSCA’s website and councillors social media
  2. Inform our community on the inadequate availability of diverse suitable housing options for Seniors, e.g. Cohousing, Co-op housing
  • See Housing #1
  • Designed, promoted and advocated the iGen Community Rental Apartment Concept: wrote articles, advocated the concept to the developer of 1050-60 Bank Street, our MPP. MP and Federal candidates, Synapcity and Centretown Citizen Ottawa Corporation

· Health and Quality of Life

  1. Provide information about changing and available health resources during and after Provincial restructuring: articles, OSCA’s website
    On hold due to Provincial restructuring
  2. Develop/maintain collaborative relationships with health resources as needed
    On hold due to Provincial restructuring
  3. Promote and support exercise classes suitable and affordable for seniors: articles, OSCA’s website
    - SWOOS article in the November OSCAR

*The term and ideology  ”Age-Friendly” is used by the World Health Organisation since 2002 and is adopted by Ottawa’s Council On Aging as “Age Friendly Ottawa”

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