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Meeting minutes (4)

Minutes - SWOOS Meeting November 21, 2018

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS)
Committee Meeting November 21, 2018 7pm Firehall
Chair: Barbara Brown

Members: Anna Cuylits, Barbara Brown, Catherine Read, Christine Franklin, Niki Divito
Regrets: Fran Mowbray, Maura Giuliani, Helen Lynn,Tracey Morey, Carina Bleuer
Guests: Bryden Denyes, Richard Slowikowski, Colton Parsons

1. Guests were introduced and welcomed. Bryden Denyes is area manager with the City's Road Services, responsible for winter maintenance for Old Ottawa South (OOS). Richard Slowikowski is board President of the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA). Colton Parson is a new OOS resident and father of a young child.
2. Agenda was approved following agreement that item 4 concerning winter walkability would be addressed first.


Minutes - SWOOS Meeting Dec. 19, 2018

Meeting December 19, 2018 - hosted by Fran Mowbray!

Chair: Barbara Brown

Present: Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits, Christine Franklin, Fran Mowbray

Regrets: Maura Giuliani, Helen Lynn, Catherine Reid

(Temporarily) resigned: Carina Bleuer

1. Agenda approved

2. Minutes approved

It was recognised that SWOOS minutes are detailed, but could not be more concise, because of the information they provide.

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