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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) is a grassroots community group, and a committee of the OSCA Board, that addresses issues concerning senior residents living in Old Ottawa South.

We work with many elements in our community, including the Council on Aging, a bilingual organization that promotes senior issues and concerns.

SWOOS can be contacted via: swoos2018@gmail.com. Committee Members and anyone else interested can review our Meeting Minutes.

Old Ottawa South is a great community for young and old, but now needs to become truly age-friendly in terms of:

  • Walkability


    Our winter is long and snowy. Are you concerned about winter walking? Snow and ice can lead to difficulties getting where you want to go, especially for seniors.
  • Social Connections

    Social Connections

    Possibly the most important factor in our lives, particularly as we age, is our network of social connections. It is easy to find yourself isolated, we all have to work against it.
  • Housing


    Where and how to find a home. Exploring issues and options for seniors.
  • Health


    Preventing falls and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Events for Seniors

02 Feb 2021;
Ground Hog Day Snow Mole Audit

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