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Traffic and Safety

The Traffic and Safety Committee advises the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) on issues related to traffic & transportation and is the Board’s primary liaison with residents, the City, and other organizations.

Traffic and safety committee recruitment poster

What does the Traffic Committee do? Through a variety of activities the committee:

  • Encourages community dialogue on traffic issues affecting OOS
  • Monitors development proposals for conformity with principles and policies endorsed by the Board
  • Recommends policy positions to OSCA, following community consultation, analysis, and discussions with the City and other stakeholders

The Traffic Committee meets monthly, the first Tuesday of every month — check with the Firehall for time & place.

Key issues on the committee’s agenda include:

  • Promoting safe cycling in Old Ottawa South
  • Lobbying for a safe crossing of Colonel By Drive between Avenue Road and Bronson
  • Reducing danger on Bank Street, including the Bank Street Bridge, by eliminating speeding, red light running, and illegal left turns
  • Increasing enforcement of parking bylaws
  • Participating in greening projects to enhance the community and influence driver behaviour e.g. Green Dreamers
  • Participating in safety evaluations 
  • Working with the City of Ottawa on traffic-calming initiatives 

Do any of these topics interest you? Are you interested in doing more or would you like to share skills that could enhance these issues? Do you want to learn more about advocacy and/or lobbying?  Do you want to engage in “greening” projects that will enhance your community and change driver behavior patterns?  There is always room for more ideas and volunteers.

Comments and questions are welcome.  Contact the committee at trafficandsafety@oldottawasouth.ca.

Speeding & Dangerous Driving Enforcement

Are you concerned about the increase of speeding and dangerous driving in and around the neighbourhood? The Traffic & Safety Committee reached out to our local Community Police Officer and she pledged to put in a word for increased enforcement. But did you know that OPS primarily respond to data-driven enforcement?


Report Traffic Incidents Online

A Reminder About Traffic Complaints

Have you witnessed dangerous behaviour on the road such as speeding or distracted driving? Or do you know of an intersection where motorists routinely ignore the stop sign or run the red light? If so, the Ottawa Police Service would like you to make a traffic complaint using their online reporting system.

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