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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes: 6:30pm Tuesday March 7, 2017

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Present: Kathy, Maryn, Brian, Sue, Erik

1. Introduction

            Sarah and Winnie sent their regrets but were unable to attend the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting of February 7, 2017 approved

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

            a) 311 Article

Sue and Kathy wrote an article about reporting incidents through 3-1-1 and serviceottawa.ca, which is now on the website.

            b) Green Dreamers Application

Brian has been gathering the relevant documents from the city. He will finalize and write up a response to the questions presented by the board at a previous meeting. These will be circulated to the committee and sent to the board before the next meeting. Brian will also communicate with the Green Dreamers to update them and confirm the actions being taken.

4. Report from the OSCA Board Meeting February 21

Brian reported on the updates Ian Grabina had given about the infrastructure money for the Windsor Park path-widening project and discussion he has had about the Southminster development. Ian also made positive comments about the bike rally and his meeting with Sarah, Maryn, and Winnie.

It was also recommended at the meeting that the committee write an article about the Seneca project meeting on March 29. Sue and Kathy will attend that meeting and write an article if there is relevant information.

Brian passed out the OSCA Priorities list that came out of the board retreat to the committee.

5. Report from LTMOC Meeting

Sue attended the final meeting of the LTMOC on March 3. The LTMOC will be presenting its report to the transport committee on April 17. The updated version of the T&S Committee’s report to LTMOC has been circulated.

LTMOC will be disbanded but continuing concerns about Lansdowne can still be communicated to the relevant groups.

4. TS Priorities

a) Bike Rally/Rodeo

Sarah circulated an update on the communication and planning she had been carrying out prior to the meeting. Brian emphasized the need to get the information to the board for the next meeting on March 21.

Maryn will talk to Sarah and Winnie to put in place plan for insurance and budget information for the board for the March 21st meeting to get board confirmation for the event. There was discussion around clarifying the vision for the event. The committee will be kept updated about the progress of communication and planning of the event.

OSCA Bike Safety Programs: Brian will communicate with Michaela to get more information about the programming.

            b) Colonel By Crossing

Sue has received no further response from the NCC so she will follow up.

Noted that some data was collected at the crossing during Winterlude.

OOS Road Renewal - Seneca etc. - Wednesday March 29, 7-9 pm Southminster

Sue and Kathy will attend the meeting.

            c) Bank Street Bridge and Intersections

            Brian requested speed board data from Ian but it is not yet available.

The intersections are still a priority for the committee and there will be a continued push where possible.

            d) Photo Radar - Bank/Hopewell

No update on photo radar, but the principal at Hopewell shares concerns about safety in the school and has been working with Ian, so Erik will talk about photo radar in the school zone.

5.  Other Points for Discussion

             a) Brewer Park Consultation

              Meeting on March 23, 7-9pm at Southminster, Erik will try to attend.

             b) Feedback from City Transportation Committee Meeting - March 1            

              Kathy attended the meeting and has circulated information. Noted points about changed location of cycling path in Vanier and changes to sidewalk patio

            c) FCA-FAC General Meeting

  Brian will follow up on the openness of the meeting for any committee members, not just board members to attend meeting, and the presence of representation of OSCA at the meeting.

            d) Ottawa Park Summit Invitation

Brian circulated the invitation to the event and committee members are invited to attend if interested.

            e) Community Environmental Projects Grants Program (CEPGP)

Concluded not applicable to the bike rally event but noted availability of grant funds from city for other projects.

             f) Bank Street South Renewal Consultation Update

                 Conversations have been had about BIA but no direct coordination is currently in place. 

6.  Meeting adjourned around 8pm

Next meeting April 4, 6:30pm

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