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Notes from a Meeting at the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC)

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Friday September 1, 2017


Sylvia Manning, Meeting Convenor

Ian Grabina, Councillor’s Office

Maria Pierre-Noel, General Manager of the OTLBC

Lael Morgan and Genevieve Labelle, Ottawa Sport and Social Club

Ryan Strotmann, Ottawa Police

Chris Smith, Canada Court

Residents – Colin Ashford, Jo-Ann Ashford, Anna Seifried, Matt McLennan, Phil Montgomery

OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee members Sue Neill and Winnie Pietrykowski

Maria Pierre-Noel, General Manager of the OTLBC welcomed everyone to the meeting and after introductions, turned the meeting over to Ian Grabina from Councillor Chernushenko’s office to chair.

Ian encouraged participants to focus on issues related to this particular part of Old Ottawa South and to find solutions to problems raised. The main issue related to traffic problems caused by the beach volleyball program taking place at the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC). A survey had been undertaken and these problems were clearly outlined in a paper prepared by Sylvia Manning, a resident in the area.

Lael Morgan, Executive Director of the Ottawa Sport and Social Club (OSSC) spoke about their programs and specifically about the beach volleyball program run out of the OTLBC.

It was agreed that, although the traffic and parking problems existed for the entire sixteen week duration of the beach volleyball program, they are worse in the first two weeks of each registration period. It is before and during that period that action should be focussed.

The following are suggestions put forward:

1. Residents should get into the habit of calling or going on line to notify either the bylaw officers or the police when there is a traffic infraction. Both are complaints driven.

2. City should be lobbied to install a stop sign at Grove and Seneca. Ian noted that this will not happen but others encouraged residents to keep trying, including the collection of data by residents.

3. Reminder signs should be posted on the club fences reminding participants of the need for respectful behaviour. Signs are expensive so this does not seem feasible.

4. More complete information provided to beach volleyball about parking options and expected behaviour in the community upon their registration in the program.

5. Promote parking in Brewer Park with entry off Bronson.

6. Better communication and collaboration among interested parties.

7. Re noise – residents should call the bylaw officer at 311.

8. Players should be informed when major events are taking place at Lansdowne and that parking will be an even greater problem.

9. OSSC should notify the community when the beach volleyball season will start.

Everyone agreed that the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club is an important component of the community and it is important that it succeed. The beach volleyball program and its relationship with the OSSC are key elements in the financial viability of the OTLBC.

Next Steps

Following discussion, it was agreed that the following steps would be the priority for the upcoming period:

1. The OSSC will provide more extensive information to registrants in the spring to include:

  •  A map indicating one way streets and parking options including Brewer Park and its entry off Bronson
  •  A reminder that the OTLBC is located in a residential community with seniors, children, etc. on the streets
  •  A schedule indicating any overlaps with big events at Lansdowne
  •  A suggestion to alleviate some parking issues by car pooling, cycling, public transport

2. The OTLBC, the OSSC, the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee and the residents will continue to work together to address traffic and parking issues in this section of OOS. The next meeting will take place in February/March 2018.

3. Sylvia Manning will prepare an article on the meeting for the next issue of the OSCAR – deadline September 15, 2017 and a series of QA articles with interviews with City Police, Bylaw Officers, etc. on traffic matters in order to assist with the education of residents on traffic matters and how to deal with issues.

4. Sylvia Manning will be the contact for the residents in dealing with the OTLBC, the OSSC, the Councillors office and the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee on matters discussed at the meeting.

5. Sue Neill will draft the notes from the meeting before September 6, 2017 and Sylvia Manning will circulate them to meeting participants.

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