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A Reminder About Traffic Complaints

Have you witnessed dangerous behaviour on the road such as speeding or distracted driving? Or do you know of an intersection where motorists routinely ignore the stop sign or run the red light? If so, the Ottawa Police Service would like you to make a traffic complaint using their online reporting system.

File a Traffic or Driver Complaint

Traffic complaints are compiled in a database and used by analysts to effectively and efficiently improve road safety for all users through strategic enforcement and other measures.

In addition, if you provide details of a specific traffic violation, police can follow up by mailing a Traffic Complaint warning letter to the vehicle's registered owner. If someone receives two or more complaints within a year, an officer will contact them to discuss the traffic safety issues being cited in the letters.

Specific complaints require as much information as possible, including the date and time of the incident, location and direction of travel, a description of the driver and of the vehicle, including licence plate. You will also have to provide your name, address, phone number and date of birth; however, this information remains confidential, and will not be shared with the subject of the complaint.

If any incident is an emergency and needs immediate police response, please call 911.

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