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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting - Tuesday July 10 , 2018 – 5:30 pm

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  1. Introduction and Welcome
  • Email from Caroline Clark, indicating that due to pressures of work, location of work and timing of the meetings, she regrettably was resigning from the Traffic and Safety Committee.  Sue will write and invite her to stay involved and perhaps work on projects from time to time.
  • Luc Pellerin also wrote with apologies for not attending the meeting since it is difficult with a young family to leave in the early evening. Sue will also write to Luc and encourage him to stay involved on an ad hoc basis.
  • Following discussion on the pros and cons of different meeting times, it was agreed that the committee would resume during the day time when the remaining five members preferred to attend
  • The Committee then discussed and revised the draft presentation on Traffic and Safety to be made to the Board of OSCA at the next meeting on July 18, 2018. There will be a separate briefing for the Green Dreamers.
  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of June 5, 2018 – approved as circulated and posted.
  2.  Business Arising from the Minutes
  1. response re lights on the bridge 

Sue wrote to the Councillor’s office indicating our support for the proposed new streetlights on the bridge – added to visibility and safety

  1. planters– north end of the Bank Street bridge

Ian Grabina wrote back indicating that the planters would not be moved and suggested writing to OSEG if we still feel they are dangerous.  Sue/Winnie will draft a letter to OSEG continuing to protest

  1. signs– slow down for us 

Some signs had been picked up by residents from the Firehall and posted in their vicinity. Kathy had also installed signs on Aylmer and near Brewer Park and the OTLBC. A further push will be made in the fall just as school starts.

  1. Report from the OSCA Board Meetingof June 19, 2018 

A short note had been circulated after the Board meeting with the main points of interest.  It was agreed that this was a useful practice and should be continued.  Winnie was congratulated on being named Vice President of OSCA!

Noted that the TS Committee has been requested to prepare an education piece for the fall OSCAR – deadline August 15 

  1. TS Committee Business
  1. Colonel By Crossing 

Now that the crossing has been approved, Sue will write to Pat Sammon, City Engineer, to ask for a copy of the new drawings for the PXO and timelines for completion.

  1. Intersection Data 

Erik will ask Ian for timing data for the signalized crossings on Bank Street in OOS. The objective of this project is to eliminate use of the beg buttons during the day in OOS as is the case in the Glebe.

Kathy has been in contact with the city about the possibility of extending the crossing time across Bank at Aylmer through the Older Adult Plan.  Apparently the crossing time at Sunnyside has already been extended. Kathy will provide the contact information to Erik for him to follow up. It would appear that a change at Aylmer could be implemented fairly quickly if sanctioned by traffic engineers.

  1. Safety on the Bank Street Bridge and Intersections

Sue to contact Matt Meagher, Chair Glebe Traffic Committee to discuss Glebe interests re the Bank Street bridge and intersections and the possibility of working together to bring about meaningful change.

  1. Red Light Cameras– The Mayor has tweeted that a pilot on photo radar in a school zone will be launched later this fall (no details on which schools). Noted that the Mayor’s campaign office is in OOS and we should try to take advantage of this.
  2. Bike Rally and Rodeo

Winnie has contacted both Sarah Fraser and Denise Inglis who have both indicated interest in volunteering at the Bike Rally. Denise is also running a Bike Camp for OSCA from July 23-27, 2018. Winnie will discuss opportunities for promoting the bike rally with Denise.

  1. Green Dreamers Update

Winnie has been providing extensive written updates for the Green Dreamers on a regular basis.  Erik to be added to the mailing list. Big challenge right now in the hot weather is keeping the plants watered.

  1. Review of Priorities for 2017 and process for setting Priorities for 2018
  • The possibility of carrying out a traffic survey was discussed and left for the fall for further discussion.
  1. Communications
  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – next issue to be on the proper way to wear a bike helmet to coincide with an announcement regarding details for the Bike Rally and Rodeo.
  1. Future OSCAR Articles

Agreed to continue monthly articles. Fall article to be on the Committee itself and possibly an update on the Colonel By crossing

  1. Liaison
  1. Southminster Development – Brian indicated that renovation of the rental space could begin in the fall to allow the church to continue to receive funding for rentals.
  1. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Winnie and Sue to meet with OTLBC to check on the implementation of the solutions to traffic matters involving beach volleyball.

  1. Hopewell Parents Council – nothing new to report
  1. Seniors’ Initiative – nothing to report
  1. New Bridge Naming Committee – recommended name is being discussed by City Council tomorrow and will likely be approved (Flora Footbridge).  This item can now be dropped from the agenda.
  1. Next Meeting with Ian Grabina – Sue to continue corresponding by email unless a meeting is considered necessary.
  1. Residents’ Concerns
  1. Janet Harris re dangerous conditions at the crosswalk of Bank and Aylmer: Sue will write to her explaining what the Committee has done and the possibility of an extended period for crossing Bank at Aylmer
  1. Leonard Burnstein – re suggestion sent to the Councillor’s office to change Aylmer Avenue to one way (June 19, 2018). Ian Grabina of the Councillor’s Office has replied to his email. The resident has been invited to contact the TS Committee if desired.
  1. Other Business
  1. Underpass at Billings Bridge – nothing new
  2. NCC Pathway Consultation – individual members had responded to the survey. No need for the Committee to respond
  1. Next Meeting– September 4 at 12:30 at the Firehall. Preliminaries at Stella Luna at 12 15.
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