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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes -  Tuesday October 2, 2018 at 12:30 pm

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Present:  Kathy Krywicki, Brian Ure, Erik Van der Torre, Winnie Pietrykowski, Sue Neill (Chair); OSCA President Richard Slowikowski visited the meeting

  1. Introduction and Welcome

Sue will contact Janet Jull to discuss the meeting and participation with her.

2.Minutes of the TS Meeting of September 4, 2018

Minutes were approved when circulated and posted on the OSCA website.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a)Letter re planters at north end of Bank Street Bridge – outstanding, letter to be drafted by Sue and Winnie

b)Contact with Glebe Traffic Committee – A meeting was set up with Matt Meagher of the Glebe Traffic Committee but Matt had to cancel due to a work commitment. Sue to contact him again to establish a new date.

  1. Report from the OSCA Board Meetingof September 18, 2018

Sue apologized for not circulating a note following the meeting. The main topics of the meeting were the office re-organization and a presentation by the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Richard, who was present at this time, encouraged the Committee to determine a series of ambitious “asks” that could be put before politicians and city officials.  He offered to sign any letters which would help achieve our objectives.

A brief brainstorming included such topics as – red light cameras, additional PXOs off Bank Street, installation of photo radar, three lanes on Bank Street bridge, PXO on Colonel By at Echo. Further discussion to follow. 

5.Priority Business

a)Intersections Report, Recommendations and Next Steps 

Erik reported that an article outlining the project was included in the October OSCAR along with a request for input from residents to be provided by October 31.  In order to encourage input Erik and Kathy will discuss with Natasha and ask her to highlight the request for input on the OSCA website.

It was noted that we should try to find innovative ways to encourage input from the community. Requests at the end of articles do not seem to be working.

There are now two contacts at the City for this project – one through Kathy and one through Erik.

b)Extended and Advanced Pedestrian Crossing at Aylmer and Bank 

Thanks to Kathy for her intervention with the City, and to social media, which led to the increase in crossing time for pedestrians at the Bank and Aylmer intersection.  There is now a seven second walk signal for pedestrians including a five second advanced walk and a don’t walk signal of 12 seconds for a total of 19 seconds.

c)Installation of “Slow Down for Us” signs 

Kathy and Winnie have distributed the signs in concentrated areas around Old Ottawa South.  We will wait until after the elections to order and install the “stop for us” signs

d)All Candidates Meeting September 27, 2018 

Winnie, Kathy and Sue attended. Traffic and Safety is high on the platforms of all candidates.

  1. Decision and next steps re the Bike Rally

Winnie will meet with Denise and Sarah on Thursday to discuss the future of the bike rally and how it may be incorporated as an ongoing OSCA event.

f)Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca

The crossing at Seneca is back on track and the City has confirmed in writing that the crossing will be raised, with a push button and hard wired flashing lights.  We are now waiting for confirmation from the NCC that they agree to this arrangement

6.TS Committee Ongoing and Future Business

a)Vision Zero – OOS Role? 

The Committee agreed that “Vision Zero” could provide a useful framework for our work but that more information is needed. Following further reading by all, it was agreed that we should hold a special meeting to discuss Vision Zero only.  Sue will ask Janet if she would be interested in leading this process.

b)Pedestrian Intersection Safety Countermeasure Handbook 2010 

This document, brought to our attention by Janet, will provide a useful reference for all things related to intersections.

c)Review of T & S Committee Terms of Reference 

Sue proposed several changes to the Committee Terms of Reference. These will be circulated to the Committee for further comment.

Brian will circulate NCC materials on Urban Labs to Committee members. 


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – meaning of the yellow dots on the road
  2. Future OSCAR Articles – at this point none proposed for November

8.Liaison Updates

a)Southminster Development  - the development proposal is still awaiting OMB decision

b)FCA Transportation Committee– Brian will attend the FCA meeting on October 17, 2018; the FCA will hold a meeting at the Firehall on April 25, 2019. Clarification is needed on who will attend the FCA Transportation Committee meetings since this liaison could be appropriate for the OSCA T & S Committee.

c)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club– Winnie and Sue will meet with the OTLBC Executive Director to review traffic and parking initiatives in place this summer.

d)Hopewell Parents Council– Erik did not attend the last meeting but it was noted that there is now a second crossing guard at Bank and Sunnyside.

e)Seniors’ Initiative– Winnie reported that the Stronger for Longer class on Monday celebrated Senior’s Day after the class with coffee, tea, cookies etc provided by the staff of the Firehall. Much appreciated by all.

9.Resident’s Concerns

  1. Letter to OSCA from Stephen St Denis re changes to the OC Transpo bus schedule – no further action required

10.Other Business

a)Update on the Trinity Church Mural – the official opening took place and was well-attended.  Trinity Church has some additional funds for education which may lead to further involvement by OSCA.

  1. Kathy noted that the Fire Department has started its annual “Be safe, Be seen” campaign in which lights, fluorescent strips and other aids are handed out free of charge.  She proposed that these items could be handed out by the T&S Committee on Halloween (Wednesday October 31) outside the Firehall (OSCA) if the Fire Department would make them available.  The Committee supported the idea and Kathy will check into availability – Winnie to help.
  2. Green Dreamers are winding down for the season. There may be several more meetings in the fall.
  3. Capital Ward Candidates’ Debate – Kathy and Winnie attended a Capital Ward candidates’s debate at Irene’s Pub. Focus of the debate was on the loss of trees due to development.

11.Next Meeting– Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 12:30 pm at the Firehall.

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