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Meeting minutes icon By Hea Poh Lin, MY

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - Tuesday November 6, 2018 at 12:30 pm

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Location – Firehall 

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  • Apologies from Janet Jull

2.Minutes of the TS Meeting of October 2, 2018

  • Circulated, approved and posted on the OSCA website

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a)Letter re planters at north end of Bank Street Bridge 

  • Still outstanding

b)Contact with Glebe Traffic Committee 

Sue met with Matt Meagher, chair of the Glebe Transportation Committee on November 2, 2018. 

-     With respect to how the Glebe worked with the City to achieve consistent automatic EW crossings for pedestrians at traffic lights, Erik will contact Brian Mitchell, former Glebe Chair.

-     common areas of interest include the Bank Street Bridge and intersections, photo radar on Bank near Hopewell school, and the bike rally

-     Doors were opened to follow up as needed

c)Be Safe Be Seen campaign 

Kathy obtained 100 fluorescent arm bands from Safer Roads Ottawa. These were provided to staff at the Firehall and were distributed to children in the after four program in conjunction with Halloween.

d)Discussion with Janet re Vision Zero 

Sue and Janet met on October 17 to discuss Vision Zero.

  1. Report from the OSCA Board 

a)Board Meeting October 16, 2018

Note previously circulated on October 17 to committee members.

SWOOS was given status as a committee of OSCA. All committees and projects should keep in mind the needs of seniors in their discussions and activities.

b)Carleton Transportation Strategy Working Group Meeting October 30, 2018

Sue attended as OSCA rep and was the only community rep who attended. This was a one –off meeting to share information and was attended by Carleton U, Ottawa Police, OC Transpo, City traffic officials, NCC and others with special interests. Sue commented on the need to reduce speed on Bronson but there was no uptake.  There is no follow-up required. (see note previously circulated).

c)Adhoc Additional Board-related Discussion Concerning Special Events

  • How are they selected? Are the five “signature” events they right ones? What are the criteria for judging if one-off events should be supported?  Erik will discuss with Richard and determine next steps in resolving the matter. Winnie/Sue offered to help.

5.Priority Business

a)Intersections Report, Recommendations and Next Steps 

The time set for input from the community in response to Erik’s article has past so the project can proceed to next steps.  Erik to contact Brian Mitchell and the two known individuals from the City for guidance on next steps.  He will also draft an email to those responsible with a cc to the Councillor, for comment by the committee. If possible, this work to be completed by the next meeting of the TS Committee.

b)Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca 

An email has been received from Patrick Sammon, Senior Engineer, Infrastructure projects in the City stating that, following input from the Ottawa Police Services, it was decided that the approved crossing of Colonel By at Seneca would be at grade, not raised as previously confirmed. The Police Escort Services quoted security and comfort of Dignitaries for reasons to oppose the raised crossing.  Sue reported discussions with Patrick and Ian Grabina following receipt of the email.  Also noted was the fact that there already exists a raised crossing of Colonel By at the Corktown Bridge near U. of O. Noted was that David Chernushenko has contacted the NCC at the highest level to support the view that a raised crossing should be implemented.

Sue to draft a response to Patrick and to the NCC for review by the committee prior to sending. 

c)Engagement with the New Councillor

As agreed with the OSCA President, the new Councillor will meet the Board first and then Committees. Former Councillor David Chernushenko will be invited to the November Board Meeting to be thanked by the Board.

d)Strategic Plan/Vision Zero 

To be discussed at a special meeting outside of the regular Committee meeting. Proposed dates to be checked with Janet are Tuesday November 27 (12:30 – 2:30) and Friday November 30 (2 hours between 12 30 and 3:15) Location to be determined.

6.TS Committee Ongoing and Future Business

a)Review of T & S Committee Terms of Reference 

Sue to circulate draft of official revised version for approval of the committee.

b)Decision and Next Steps re the Bike Rally 

Meeting to take place Wednesday November 7 to discuss next steps.

c)Report from the Green Dreamers

Nothing to report.


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns

Kathy may prepare a PSA or a DYK article relating to an OSCAR article depending on the topic (suggestions welcome).

  1. FutureOSCARArticles

Sue will draft a short update on the Seneca/Colonel By crossing for the next OSCAR.

8.Liaison Updates

a)Southminster Development 

Still with the OMB.

b)FCA Transportation Committee

Brian has contacted the Chair, Alex Cullen, and will attend the next meeting,

c)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club 

Winnie and Sue to meet with Maria on November 13 re traffic calming measures in place this summer relating to the beach volleyball program.

d)Hopewell Parents Council 

Erik will attend the meeting next week.

e)Seniors’ Initiative

Sue to request information from Anna re the Snow Moles project. Someone from the T&S committee should be part of this project.

f)Ecology Ottawa/CAFES Meeting

Brian reported that OSCA will host a joint meeting of CAFES (Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability) and Ecology Ottawa at the Firehall on November 17, 2018. Brian to forward the agenda to the TS committee in case anyone is interested in attending. OSCA Board also to be informed.

9.Resident’s Concerns

TS priorities to be forwarded to John Calvert by Sue

10.Other Business

OSCA President has requested that the TS Committee prepare a template for committee reports to the Board. Sue to draft for Committee input. 

  1. Next Meeting– Tuesday December 4, 2018
  1. Meeting adjourned – 1:40 pm
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