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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday December 4, 2018, 12:30 pm

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  1. Introduction and Welcome
  • Apologies for absence from Janet Jull

2.Special Guest – Rob Wilkinson, Safer Roads Ottawa

Rob was invited to the meeting as a follow-up to a special meeting of the T&S Committee held last week to discuss the notion of “Vision Zero” and its possibilities as a framework for our traffic plans.

The Transportation Committee of Council has asked Safer Roads Ottawa to refresh the Ottawa Road Safety Action Plan. The goal is currently Towards Zero, not Vision Zero. There has been one consultation so far mainly with umbrella organizations.  We will be involved in the next round of consultations. The final report is due in the fall 2019.

Focus on traffic safety has been the 3 E’s – education, enforcement, engineering. Principles of Vision Zero focus on the engineering aspects. The second round of consultations will emphasize this.

The preferred mindset should be to move people safely, not necessarily quickly or efficiently – some push back on this.

Rob reviewed data from the Fatal Collision Review Committee.  We may be able to have access to this.  There were 24 fatal crashes in Ottawa in 2017.

He spoke of the number of drivers driving with suspended licences and a new tracking method.  Many of these are repeat offenders. We may have an opportunity to view this in action.

We emphasized that our group is interested in this work since it aligns well with our recent discussions.  We agreed to keep in touch.

3.Minutes of the TS Meeting of November 6, 2018 –approved as circulated and posted.

4.Priority Business

  1. Intersections Report, Recommendations and Next Steps 

Erik reported that the letter requesting intersection changes is ready to go to city officials and should be sent in the next day or so.

  1. Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca – no news. We are still awaiting a decision from the NCC on whether the crossing will be raised or not.
  2. Engagement with the New Councillor – Sue will send a letter to Shawn Menard inviting him to meet with us at our meeting on January 8, 2019
  3. Strategic Plan/Vision Zero – this is ongoing and will be the focus of our work early in the new year


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns

Kathy has prepared a DYK article for the January OSCAR on increased penalties for distracted driving starting January 1, 2019

  1. Future OSCAR Articles - TBD

6.Liaison Updates

a)FCA Transportation Committee

Brian will contact Alex Cullen, committee chair, requesting information about the next meeting which he is planning to attend.

b)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Winnie and Sue met with Maria Pierre-Noel, the Executive Director of the Club on Thursday November 29 to review the initiatives that were put in place over the spring and summer to relieve traffic issues related to increased programming at the Club.  There were fewer complaints this year.  The construction on Seneca may have discouraged people from driving to the club.

As part of an ongoing attempt to encourage more biking at the club, Maria indicated an interest in the Club’s becoming involved in the June 2, 2019 bike rally.  Winnie to follow up.

c)Hopewell Parents Council – Erik attended the last meeting but there were no traffic-related items discussed.

7.Other Business- none

  1. Next Meeting– Tuesday January 8, 2019
  2. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm

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