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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday January 8, 2019 at 12:30 pm

10 January 2019 | Published in Meeting minutes.

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday January 8, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Lounge at the Firehall


  1. Introduction and Welcome

Present: Erik van der Torre, Winnie Pietrykowski, Kathy Krywicki, Brian Ure, Janet Jull, Sue Neill (Chair)

James Grant was welcomed as a new member of the T&S Committee and will be added to the mailing list.


  1. Special Guest

Shawn Menard, Councillor for Capitol Ward had been invited and was intending to attend the meeting but was ill.  Jonathan McLeod, from the Councillor’s office attended.


Jonathan shared the Councillor’s priorities for Traffic and Safety:

  • Safety on the Bank Street Bridge and Billings Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists
  • General safety concerns for bikers and pedestrians – deterrents and maintenance issues
  • Timing and format of traffic lights on Bank Street
  • Safety on Bronson – tweaks on traffic lights, curb cuts etc
  • Speeding and traffic calming on Bank and Bronson
  • Crossing guards and qualifications of crossing guards


Re Work on the Bank Street Bridge

  • Repairs to be done this year, design work in May June, work in August, (small project now but could morph into something bigger)
  • Bank Street Bridge belongs to the City


Re City budget

  • Shawn to hold a budget consultation on Jan 30 at Jim Durrell Centre
  • Feb 6 Budget will be tabled
  • March 6 voted on by Council



(Note to us – we should try to find out the amount for T&S in the budget and consider attending the consultation on Jan 30; could email Shawn stating the importance of funding for T&S.


In 2018, City of Ottawa budget allocated $40,000 to each ward for the Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program.

Riley Brockington (River Ward Councillor) has suggested this amount might be increased this year:



Budget consultation details: https://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/budget/get-involved-budget-2019#councillor-led-public-consultation-meeting-dates 

Key date for Transportation Committee Feb. 26, 2019


T&S Priorities then Discussed

  • Colonel By Crossing at Seneca (Briefing note had been sent to Shawn by us on this); Shawn to meet with Pat Sammon this week; discussion of how to expand involvement to add pressure to the decision-making process (Bike Ottawa, Safer Roads, media etc)
  • Intersection Project – Shawn already discussing intersections with the Glebe – will include OOS in the discussions
  • Bank Street Bridge – no left turn sign at Wilton, no left turn at the Echo Ramp and Bank; need to take a stronger and more aggressive stand
  • Green Dreamers and Sunnyside Rain Gardens – for info



  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of December 4, 2018


Approved and posted on the OSCA website


  1. Priority Business


  1. Intersections Report, Recommendations and Next Steps
  • No news from the City, Erik to send a reminder next week
  • Follow up with Shawn’s office re discussions in the Glebe


  1. Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca
  • Sue to write to NCC contact
  • Erik to check to see if Richard has received any reply from his letter to McKenna’s office (Zach)
  • Kathy to attend Catherine McKenna’s New Years Levee and speak with her and/or her staff
  • Sue to draft an update article for February OSCAR – with Erik
  • Consider involving others as discussed eg Bike Ottawa, CBC, Ottawa Citizen – Erik to look into this


  1. Board Report Format, Strategic Plan/Vision Zero, 2019 Priorities

Committee reports and priorities to be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting; T&S format to be considered as a model for other committees; objectives to be set by committees and reported on at Board meetings

  • Thorough discussion of the Plan and priorities to take place at the February meeting


  1. Communications


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy to submit a DYK “article” for February
  2. Future OSCAR Articles – update on Colonel By crossing for February; T&S priorities for March (Sue to discuss with Richard)


  1. Liaison Updates


  1. FCA Transportation Committee (Brian) – nothing to report


  1. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Winnie reported that the Club has become engaged in the planning of the Bike Rally next June and Maria Pierre-Noel, OTLBC Executive Director, is a part of the planning committee.


  1. Hopewell Parents Council

Erik indicated that there is nothing to report relating to the Council. However the problems with traffic and safety on Hopewell continue.  We will discuss next month as a project to be included in the plan.


  1. Snow Moles – Winnie, Sue and Jonathan participated in the Snow Moles audit earlier in the day. Twenty-five people participated in identifying areas hindering walkability in OOS. Sue to send a note of congratulations to Anna


  1. Glebe Traffic Committee – James volunteered to be the liaison.  Sue to contact Matt about how this could work.


  1. Other Business


Discussions occurred throughout the meeting about building relationships/alliances with the City (Glebe, other communities) and organizations (Bike Ottawa et cetera) to move our concerns forward in a way that aligns with stakeholders locally and also city-wide.


  1. Next Meeting – Tuesday February 5, 2019


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