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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday February 5, 2019 at 12:30 pm Lounge at the Firehall

07 February 2019 | Published in Meeting minutes.

Present: Winnie Pietrykowski, Brian Ure, Kathy Krywicki, Erik van der Torre, Sue Neill - Chair

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  • Regrets from James Grant and Janet Jull

2.Minutes of the TS Meeting of January 8, 2019

  • Approved as circulated and posted on the OSCA Website

3.Priority Business

a)Intersections Report, Recommendations and Next Steps 

Erik has sent a reminder to his contact at the City but is still waiting for a response concerning our request.

b)Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca 

At the pop-up office, Shawn Menard reported on his discussions with the City and the NCC and raised a new possibility of a full traffic light at Seneca. He discouraged us from going to the OPS and said he would be in contact with us to update in two weeks.

The T&S Committee discussed this new possibility of a full traffic light and agreed that we would maintain our priority as discussed last week – a raised crosswalk is our preference but will settle for an at grade crosswalk if necessary perhaps lobbying to have it raised in the future.  It was agreed that it was important to have the work completed this year while it is in the City budget.

Sue to write to Shawn to confirm this.

c)Bike Rally 

Winnie reported that the planning for the Bike Rally is well underway and that it will be over a weekend this year (tentatively May 31, June 1-2) with the OTLBC playing an active role and possibly hosting two events as part of the program.

Sue to write to Shawn to invite him and his staff to participate. Other communities in Capital Ward to be invited. Winnie to assist with emails. 

d) 2019 Priorities 

With a few changes to the previously circulated draft, the Role of the Committee, How the Committee Works and the Goals were approved.  A revised version will be circulated.  All members are to review the revised draft and consider the objectives putting them in priority order under each goal and then making a list of combined priorities without the headings.  Kathy to help to ensure that the objectives are stated as outcomes.

To be finalized at the March T&S Committee for presentation to the OSCA Board at the March meeting.


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns

Possible suggestion for the next month – bylaws involving dumping of snow on the sidewalk by private contractors

  1. Recent OSCAR Article and CBC attention – Colonel By/Seneca 

We have had four email responses and two Facebook responses with 8 likes and 1 angry. Generally the responses are supportive of the work of the Committee. All of the emails were copied to Shawn and to the T&S Committee.

  1. Future OSCAR Articles

Possibly an update on the PXO and the Intersections project if there is any news.  Winnie will submit a Bike Rally article.  Deadline is Friday February 16.

5.Liaison Updates

a)FCA Transportation Committee 

Brian is now a member of the FCA Transportation Committee. FCA is a city-wide advocacy group for sharing information and action on civic issues.  The FCA Transportation Committee has many similar objectives to the T&S Committee. Next meeting is February 6, 2019.

Brian also attended a meeting relating to Urban Forest Management on behalf of OSCA.  Implementation of the Urban Forest Management Plan was delayed because of the municipal elections.

b)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club 

Winnie is in regular contact with the Executive Director, Maria Pierre-Noel, because of her involvement with the Bike Rally.

c)Hopewell Parents Council 

Nothing to report

d)Snow Moles 

The next meeting of the snow moles will be February 12 at 10 am at the Firehall. All welcome.

e)Bike Ottawa

Winnie will be contacting Bike Ottawa in conjunction with the Bike Rally.

f)Glebe Traffic Committee

Once the T&S Plan is completed Sue will arrange for a meeting with Matt Meagher to be accompanied by James who is interested in liaising with the Glebe.

g)Capital Ward Council

Winnie attended the First meeting with Richard and has circulated a report – a good meeting with many common issues throughout the ward.

6.Other Business

Agreed to request a meeting with staff of the Councillor’s office on an as needed basis.

  1. Next Meeting– Tuesday March 5, 2019
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