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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting - Tuesday September 3, 2019 at 12:30 pm

11 September 2019 | Published in Meeting minutes.

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday September 3, 2019 at 12:30 pm
Lounge at the Firehall

Present: Kathy Krywicki, Erik van der Torre, Brian Ure, Sue Neill
Regrets: James Grant, Winnie Pietrykowski

1. Welcome
- Today, Sue received a note from Winnie indicating that she will withdraw from the Traffic and Safety Committee because of heavy commitments in her other roles within OSCA. Sue will follow-up with Winnie.
- This is the first meeting since a quiet summer. There are a lot of projects outstanding within the jurisdiction of the City and the Councillor. Agreed that we may have to be more persistent in requesting information and follow-up to get their attention.

2. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday July 2, 2019
- Approved as circulated and posted.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Follow-up Note to Shawn and Phil and response (July 18/July 22, 2019)
- Points in the letter and follow-up to be dealt with under Agenda Item 4.

4. Priority Business
a) Intersections Update
- Erik has written to Jama at the City but has not has a response. Changes were to have been made at Riverdale and Bank by mid-August but have not been made yet. Also at Bronson and Brewer Way, a five second advance walk and a bike signal display are to be added. Erik to check and then follow-up with Jama again.
b) Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca/Meeting with Patrick Sammon July 29, 2019
- A meeting took place on July 29, 2019 with Pat Sammon, three residents and Kathy, Brian and Sue to discuss resident concerns. Pat explained details of the project and the rationale for the selection of Seneca. Sue wrote to Pat Sammon last week requesting an update. On September 3, 2019, Pat responded that the City”s Traffic Signals Design has been submitted to the NCC for review. The Contractor has deferred the project until Spring 2020. Pat and team will look to install electrical conduits under sidewalks this fall but that will be the extent of the work.
c) Bike Rally – Future Plans
- For further discussion with Winnie and the OSCA Program Chair
d) Cameron Bike Lane
- City workers have been spotted at the intersection of Cameron and Seneca. James to contact Scott Muir of the City to check on progress.
e) Gateway Speed Limit Zone
- Councillor Menard’s proposal to create 30 km Gateway Speed Zones in Old Ottawa South and the Glebe will go before the Transportation Committee September 4, 2019. There has been some opposition expressed from City staff. If the proposal is approved, then OOS west of Bank will be signed as a 30 km speed zone. This could open further possibilities for structural and other changes in this area such as bulb-outs, speed bumps, photo radar etc. Kathy noted that the speed study information in these two areas was included as an attachment to the Transportation Committee Meeting agenda (Sept 4, 2019)
f) Bank Street Bridge Redesign
- Councillor Menard has submitted two options to the City for consideration. We do not have details of the proposals and they are apparently still under review. Given that this is a top priority for the T&S Committee, it was decided that we should write to the Councillor requesting an update. Depending on the response, we will determine next steps including the possibility of a meeting with OOE and the Glebe. Sue to write.
g) Sunnyside Rain Gardens and Traffic Calming
- Brian reported that he and Winnie had had a meeting with City officials and had done a walk-about around the rain gardens. Following that meeting, several structural changes had been made to the rain gardens but there will be no replanting until next spring. Brian will follow-up to request information on any studies done to check on the traffic calming impact of the rain gardens on Sunnyside traffic.
h) Green Dreamers
- Green Dreamers will have a planning meeting this fall.

5. Communications
a) Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns
- Kathy will submit a DYK piece for the September 13 deadline

b) Future OSCAR Articles
- If there is more concrete information available on various projects, Sue will submit a T&S update article for the September 13 deadline. Future topics could include an update on Bronson changes and tips for safe biking.

6. Resident Concerns
a) Willard Avenue
- Sue has requested an outline of concerns. Awaiting a response.
b) Hopewell issues
- Erik to meet with concerned residents to discuss Hopewell issues (Westboro Academy drop-off, Hopewell and Seneca two way stop, speeding cars etc.
c) Raven Road
- Sue will send information to John Calvert about the upcoming information meeting concerning Raven Road.
d) Bus Stop on Sunnyside
- Senior citizens and SWOOS have raised concerns about changes in the bus stops on Sunnyside because of the implementation of the rain gardens. The Councillors office has been dealing with this and we have offered to write a letter of support for their efforts. Awaiting an update to see if a letter is necessary.

7. Liaison Updates
a) FCA Transportation Committee
- Brian will attend a meeting of the FCA Transportation Committee Thursday September 4, 2019 and will provide T&S with an update. Re the Ottawa Road Safety Action Plan, Brian indicated that our priorities are covered and we can fit within the plan.
b) Hopewell Parents Council
- First meeting to be next week – Erik to attend.
c) Bike Ottawa – James
- Update next meeting.
- A note had been sent by Anna to see if it would be possible to draft a series OOS-related questions for the All Candidates Meeting September 25, 2019. SWOOS has subsequently decided to submit a question on its own.

- Issues around traffic and beach volleyball continue to exist. Sue to discuss with James to see if he would become involved.

8. Other Business
a) 1040-1050 Bank Development – Traffic Issues – no news
b) Raven Road/Bronson Avenue Public Information Session – Wednesday September 11, 2019, 18:30 – 20:30 at the Firehall

9. Next Meeting –Tuesday October 15 at 12:30 (Note not the usual date)