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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting - November 5th, 2019

08 November 2019 | Published in Meeting minutes.

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at 12:30 pm
Lounge at the Firehall

Present:  Eric van der Torre, Kathy Krywicki, James Grant, Sue Neill, Chair
                Guest: Winnie Pietrykowski
                Regrets: Brian Ure

  1. Welcome
    - Winnie was welcomed as a guest to the meeting.  Erik announced that he had just been hired as the OSCA Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator on a part-time basis and assured us that this would not interfere with his work on the T&S Committee.  He was congratulated by all.
    - Sue indicated that an individual had come forward to join the T&S Committee as a result of the note in the November OSCAR.  Sue will meet with her on November 6, 2019
  2. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday October 15, 2019
    - Approved and posted.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes
    a) Report from priorities update at the October Board Meeting
    - Sue reported that there was really no feedback from the Board on the Committee mid-term review.  Discussion on some of the hurdles which the Committee was experiencing led to a broader discussion.  Committee members were thanked for their input to the report.
  4. Priority Business
    a) Intersections Update – Erik
    - Jama from the City had informed Erik that the data recently collected at the Belmont/Glen intersection at Bank indicated that an advanced pedestrian crossing was not warranted.  Erik to contact Phil Landry about this and note that the need for consistency at the Bank intersections in OOS is an important consideration.
    - Still awaiting news on the development of a software upgrade to allow pedestrian signals to cycle when vehicles trigger a light change at the Riverdale/ Bank intersection.
    b) Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca -  Sue
    - No news to report.
    - (note: following the meeting, Kathy noted that the dot markings for the bicycle lane had been painted on the west side of Seneca and now as of November 6), the full bike lane is there with signage)
    c) Bike Rally – Future Plans
    - Agreed at the October Board meeting that Winnie, Sue and Mike (Program Chair) to meet to discuss the future of the bike rally.
    d) Cameron Bike Lane – James
    - No further information available in spite of frequent requests
    - Note – immediately following the meeting, James received a note from Scott Muir stating that the proposal for the Seneca Cameron intersection been sent to the Cycling and Safety group of the City which had been in contact with the Councillor’s office. No action anticipated until the spring.
    e) Gateway Speed Limit Zone – Suggestions for the Councillor ? – Sue
    - No action but changes in the community have been noted. Sue to write to Jonathan about the list of Bank Street concerns circulated to him.
    f) Bank Street Bridge Redesign – Next Steps?
    - No news from the proposals that Shawn has made to the City.  Sue wrote to Shawn but he said he was waiting for a response from the City officials.
    - James will pull together some thoughts on the redesign of the bridge for our discussion at the next meeting and possible production of an article for an upcoming OSCAR.  We should be thinking about non-traditional ways of making change.
    g) Sunnyside Rain Gardens and Traffic Calming – Brian
    - No news about the impact of the traffic calming initiatives
    h) Green Dreamers –Brian
    - Winnie indicated that the Planning meeting had to be cancelled because of her knee injury.  It will be re-scheduled
  5. Communications
    a) Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy
    - A discussion of U turns and follow-up research led to the decision that this was not an appropriate topic for a DYK. A possible topic may be how to drive in a traffic circle.
    b) Future OSCAR Articles
    - Possible article on the Bank Street bridge.
  6. Resident Concerns
    a) Hopewell issues and follow-up (Erik)
    - Erik has been dealing with several issues on Hopewell and recently met with the Homeowners Association relating to the townhouses on Caraway Private.
    - A meeting has been set with the Councillor to do a walkabout on Novenber 13 to look at the issues and try to find solutions.  Erik and Sue to attend. Erik will prepare a list of concerns to guide the walkabout.  If there is time we will also discuss the Cameron/Seneca intersection with Shawn.
    - The walkabout could possibly be a “bikeabout” unless there is snow.
    b) Other
    - SWOOS is continuing to try to solve the problem of the bus stop that was moved on Sunnyside when the rain gardens were installed. To be discussed with Shawn.
  7. Liaison Updates
    a) FCA Transportation Committee – Brian
    - Brian to circulate information.
    b) Hopewell Parents Council – Erik
    - The meeting is next week so no news.
    c) Bike Ottawa – James will contact Bike Ottawa to see if they have identified concerns in Old Ottawa South.  We should be co-ordinating efforts
    d) SWOOS – Sue
    - Thanks to SWOOS there is a new bench on Bank Street by Hopewell School. Sue to contact Anna on the status of garbage bins which were scheduled to arrive
    e) OTLBC – Sue, James, Erik
    - Sue to arrange a meeting in November with the Executive Director (Maria Pierre-Noel), James and Erik to discuss traffic issues related to the beach volleyball program.
  8. Other Business 
    a) Aylmer Bike Lane
    - Kathy noted that dots for a bike lane have been painted on the south side of Aylmer connecting to the Seneca bike lane.
    b) Bronson/Brewer Way Intersection
    - An advanced pedestrian signal and a bike signal have been installed and seem to be working well.
    c) An update meeting with Shawn and Phil on our priorities should be scheduled before mid December

Next Meeting – Tuesday December 3, 2019 at 12:30 at the Firehall

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