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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, January 7 at 12:30 pm

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday, January 7 at 12:30 pm

Lounge at the Firehall

  • Regrets: James Grant, Eric Campbell, Erik van der Torre
  1. Welcome

Sue offered condolences to Betty on the passing away of her Mother. Kathy noted that Janet Harris, a long time advocate for change at the Bank and Aylmer intersection had passed away while at the Sunnyside Library. Sue entered a note on the condolences page in appreciation of Janet’s efforts to make the intersection safer.

  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday December 3, 2019

Approved and posted.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes
  1. Meeting with OTLBC – will take place in the spring
  2. Future of the Bike Rally – awaiting results of discussion from Winnie
  3. Road Safety Action Plan – Brian has circulated the RSAP Implementation Plan to T&S Committee members.  Members were asked to review the RSAP before the next meeting and to use it as a foundation document for our next priorities discussion.
  4. Transportation Management Plan – Brian will circulate this to T&S members and noted a survey posted by the City on EngageOttawa to be completed by January 24. It was agreed that we would complete this individually since this is the way the survey is structured
  1. Priority Business
  1. Discussion of Feedback from letter sent to Councillor – received January 3, 2020

This letter with suggestions for improving traffic on Bank Street, was sent by the committee to Shawn prior to the December 18, 2019 consultation. Responses in the letter were from Phil Landry to Shawn. It was agreed that we would follow up on the following:

  • What is the Bank Street Bridge rehabilitation project exactly?
  • Permanent bulb-out at Bank and the Echo ramp – follow up with City and NCC
  • Modernized speed boards on the Bank Street Bridge – follow-up with Shawn, needs to come from his budget for Temporary Traffic Calming
  • Clarify location of the “cyclist priority signs” – mis-interpreted
  • Red light running – check the RSAP to see what is said; also check re safety audit
  • Study up on right-sized trucks and Road Network System
  1. Discussion of Bank Street Transportation Consultation – December 18, 2019

Sue had received the boards used at the consultation outlining proposed changes to the Bank Street bridge, Bank Street itself and the routes for the #6 and #7 buses. Discussion occurred.  It was agreed that we needed to find out the next steps in the process before spending too much time in discussion. Sue to follow-up with Shawn’s office.

  1. Upcoming 2020 Priority Planning for T&S

This will be a focus for our next meeting. Sue to provide some background information to guide the discussion.

  1. Communications
  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy will provide information possibly on Bronson
  2. Future OSCAR Articles – Sue may write and article for the next OSCAR if there is time. Deadline id January 17
  1. Resident Concerns
  1. Hopewell issues and follow-up.   Erik to follow up with Shawn’s office
  2. Bank and Belmont – consider asking for a crossing guard in light of information contained in the RSAP. Possible priority/


  1. Liaison Updates
  1. FCA Transportation Committee – Brian will attend either the Jan 16 meeting at which the results of the TMP, among other things will be discussed or the General Meeting on January 22
  1. Hopewell Parents Council – nothing to report
  1. Other Business  
  1. Green Dreamers – Brian indicated that  a resident of OOS, is interested in being involved in an Environment Committee for OSCA. She may possibly write an article for the next OSCAR.  If such an environment committee were to be formed, would the Green Dreamers and the Sunnyside rain gardens be better place within this committee. For further discussion.
  1. Next Meeting – Tuesday February 4, 2020 at 12:30pm
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