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OSCA Traffic & Safety Priorities & Objectives - October 2019 Update

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Priority Objectives – Traffic and Safety 2019/20 – October 9/19

The following objectives were presented to the OSCA Board and approved at the March 2019 Meeting. This document contains an update on progress toward those objectives (in red).

In Progress

1. Implementation of the approved PXO at Seneca and Colonel By

Unfortunately, this objective has not yet been achieved although a firm commitment from the City and the Councillor has been made for a Spring 2020 installation. Delays arose when the City and the NCC had difficulty agreeing on a design. The election of a new Councillor brought further design changes. Funds for the crossing are included in the 2020 budget so funding should not be an issue.

2. Consistent signals at east/west intersections on Bank Street including advanced pedestrian signals at all intersections on Bank in OOS

This objective was almost completely achieved in that automated E/W pedestrian signals (ie no need to push the button) have now been implemented during the daytime at all E/W intersections on Bank except Riverdale. In addition, three out of the five E/W signals have an advanced pedestrian signal (not Belmont/Glen). At our request, the City is currently collecting new data for the Belmont/Glen intersection and we are hopeful that this intersection will get an advanced pedestrian signal as well.

The Riverdale and Bank intersection will not receive an automated E/W pedestrian signal nor an advanced pedestrian signal because the data indicate that neither is warranted. However, special software is being developed for this intersection that would cause the north side e/w signal to change as soon as a car prepares to turn left from Riverdale on to Bank.

Also, upon our request, the City adjusted the traffic signal timing at Bank and Aylmer to allow additional walk time for seniors (and to be consistent with Bank and Sunnyside) as follows:

- a 5 second advance WALK for pedestrians crossing Bank Street to allow them to enter the intersection while traffic is held back;

- An increase in the flashing countdown signal display time to 12 seconds to help slower moving pedestrians complete their crossing.

3. Permanent structural redesign to discourage left turns at Bank and the Echo ramp

No progress on this although we continue to discuss this with City officials and the Councillor. Also included is the discussion of a counter-flow bike lane from Bank to Colonel By down the Echo Ramp.

4. Co-ordination of the annual Capital Spokes Bike Rally and Rodeo to promote bike safety

The Bike Rally and Rodeo was successfully planned and did take place. Unfortunately, bad weather limited the turn-out but all parts went ahead as scheduled. OLTBC became an active partner this year. A review is to be undertaken by the organizers to determine if the rally and rodeo is a strong enough mechanism to promote cycling and bring about behavioral changes in cyclists.

5. Stewardship and co-ordination of the greening of Bank Street and Sunnyside through the Green Dreamers

The Green Dreamers act independently but still fall under the wing of the T & S Committee. They continue to do a great job!

6. 30 km/hr Gateway Speed Limit Zone on both sides of Bank Street in OOS

Although we offered encouragement, this project was completely managed by the Councillor. The west side of Bank in Old Ottawa South (and the Glebe) has been approved as a 30 km Speed Zone and signage will be implemented this fall. Due to funding and bureaucratic limitations, the east side of Bank will be signed sometime in the future.

New 2019/20 Objectives

1. An overall strategy and plan for the redesign of the Bank Street Bridge to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians

We have spoken about this on numerous occasions with both the City officials and the Councillor. The Councillor has offered several options to City officials and we continue to try to find out what these are and discuss them with the Councillor. No progress.

2. “No left turn at Bank” warning signs on Colonel By, at the Echo ramp and Queen Elizabeth Drive at Queen Elizabeth Place

Discussed with City officials who discussed with NCC but no progress.

3. Red light cameras at key intersections in OOS

Request is in to the City and the Councillor – awaiting response

4. Use of speed cameras/photo radar in the school zone on Bank Street

Request is in to the City and the Councillor – awaiting response

5. Reduce speed on Colonel By Drive in OOS to 40 km/hr

Speed will be reduced to 40 km on both sides of the Seneca crossing

6. Physical barrier to separate the bike lane from traffic on Cameron

Bases of the flex sticks have been installed along the bike lane from Bank to Leonard on Cameron (not yet from Seneca to Leonard). Also no sign of changes at Seneca-Cameron intersection. Awaiting to hear update from City Staff.

7. Consistent stop signs at secondary intersections in OOS

No progress

Future Priorities

1. Implementation of the strategy and plan to redesign the Bank Street Bridge

No progress

2. Speed reduction on Bronson between Riverside and Sunnyside

Speed has been reduced as by 10 km on Bronson between Riverside and Sunnyside as part of overall changes to Bronson. Councillor has been very active in making this happen.

3. Additional PXOs in OOS including Echo ramp and Colonel By Drive and Avenue Road and Colonel By Drive

No progress.

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