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OSCA Traffic & Safety Priorities & Objectives for 2020

27 May 2020 | Published in Traffic and Safety.

Accomplishments for 2019-20

  • Confirmation of the design and installation of the safe crossing at Seneca and Colonel By in spring/summer 2020
  • Automated E/W pedestrian signals have been implemented during daytime hours at all E/W intersections on Bank in OOS except Riverdale
  • Advanced pedestrian signals have been implemented at all E/W intersections on Bank in OOS except Riverdale
  • At Bank and Aylmer, flashing countdown signal has been extended from 10 seconds to 12 seconds to give additional time to cross Bank Street
  • Flex sticks were installed once again on the Echo ramp at Bank Street to discourage illegal left turns
  • Planters blocking cycling traffic at the north end of the Bank Street bridge were moved
  • OOS west of Bank has been declared a 30 km/hr speed limit zone – signs installed at entries and exits
  • Speed reduced on Bronson between Riverside and Sunnyside from 70 km/hr to 60 km/hr
  • Capital Spokes Bike Rally and Rodeo held on June 2, 2019
  • Established a presence at the FCA Transportation Committee

Objectives for 2020-2021

Enhanced safety for pedestrians and Cyclists

  • Completion of the signalized intersection at Seneca and Colonel By Drive
  • Improvement to contraflow bike lane on Cameron; stop sign on Seneca at Cameron
  • Monitor implementation of new bike lanes on Seneca and Aylmer
  • Advocating for renovations to the Bank Street Bridge to enhance safety for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Monitor proposed changes to the #6 and #7 bus routes in OOS and proposed bike/bus lane on Bank from Riverdale to Aylmer (northbound on east side)
  • Enhanced safety and access to the canal from the Echo ramp including – permanent bulb-out at Bank and Echo, counterflow bike lane from Bank to Colonel By, PXO at Colonel By, winter maintenance of Echo ramp sidewalk
  • Enhance pedestrian safety at Bank and Riverdale; monitor software development controlling pedestrian signal to trigger simultaneously with vehicle signal
  • New crossing guard at Bank and Belmont
  • Wayfaring signage indicating “Bank Street southbound only” on Colonel By and Queen Elizabeth
  • Assess and make recommendations concerning increased safety at the Sunnyside and Bank intersection

Reduce Dangerous Driving

  • Reduce speed on Colonel By Drive between Bank and Bronson
  • Assess and make recommendations re traffic calming measures in the 30 km/hour Gateway Speed Zone in OOS west of Bank and lobby for 30 km Speed Zone east of Bank; include additional 4 way stop intersections
  • Utilize campaigns of Safer Roads Ottawa to increase Bike and pedestrian safety in OOS
  • Work with OTLBC to calm traffic relating to the beach volleyball program

Increased Law Enforcement

  • Red light cameras and photo radar in the school zone on Bank Street
  • Monitor traffic and parking implications of developments in OOS including Southminster Church, 1050-1060 Bank, Brewer Park and Windsor Park
  • Modernized speed boards on Bank Street


  • Stewardship and co-ordination of the greening of Bank Street and Sunnyside through the Green Dreamers

Budget and Staff Support Needed

  • $100.00 for miscellaneous expenses for Traffic and Safety
  • Light staff support for administrative activities – room bookings, etc.
  • $800.00 for the Green Dreamers

Approved by the OSCA Board – April 21, 2020

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