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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting - Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 12:30 pm
Via Zoom Videoconference

Present: Kathy Krywicki, Betty MacGregor, Brian Ure, Ariel-Ann Lyons, James Grant, Sue Neill (Chair)
Regrets: Erik van der Torre

1.    Welcome:

Reminder of how to return to Zoom call if the 40 minute limit runs out. 

2.    Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday May 5, 2020 

Approved and posted.  It was noted that all minutes are now posted on the OSCA website.

3.    Business Arising from the Minutes

        a)    Status of T&S Objectives – Follow-up
        Sue noted that, even though the objectives were approved at the April 21, 2020 meeting of the Board, there will be a repeat presentation at         the Board meeting on June 15 to bring the five new Board members up-to-speed.  Some novel ideas for the presentation were discussed.         Kathy offered to help with photos.  

        The objectives were forwarded to Councillor Shawn Menard and Phil Landry Manager of Transportation Services at the City with a request for         a meeting to discuss.  A Zoom meeting has been set up for June 16, 2020 at 12:30 pm.

        b)    Follow-up to meeting with Jonathan McLeod, Councillor Menard’s Office
        The T&S Committee met with Jonathan McLeod on May 12, 2020.  Sue to follow-up on a couple of things that Jonathan was going to check         eg delay in the start of the rehabilitation work on the Bank Street Canal Bridge.  Also to ask about any applications from businesses on Bank         Street in OOS for either extended space on the sidewalk or a parking spot patio.

4.    Priority Business

        a)    Resident Engagement Proposal
        James presented the draft proposal which he had prepared concerning the need to reduce speed in the community and motivate resident         engagement.  The timing is not right for implementation now but possibly some aspects could be put in motion now and in the fall.  

        The promotion of the need to notify police of speeding cars and other violations was posted on the OSCA website in May.

        Ariel-Ann noted that in her area of Riverdale, residents are now discouraging speeding by flagging cars travelling above the speed limit.  Other         ideas could be put in place eg a pop-out play space.  She mentioned the need for structural changes to really slow down traffic.

        b)    Bank Street Inventory
        A light inventory of Bank Street would be helpful in discussing traffic and parking issues. Betty has information and photos of bus stops.  Sue         and Betty will walk Bank Street on June 4 to gather information about parking spots.

        c)    Bike Lanes Update

                i)    Cameron  
                James has contacted Scott Muir to check on progress with respect to our request for flex sticks on Cameron and a stop sign on Seneca at                 Cameron – no response yet.

5.    Communications

        a)    Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns - Kathy

        b)    Future OSCAR Articles – James’ article
        James and Sue to have a discussion of the resident engagement article and finalize for the June 16 deadline of the OSCAR.

6.    Resident/Business Concerns

        a)    Galt Sidewalk Proposal – no further information or action
        b)    Bank Street Businesses – Noted that we must continue to engage with Bank Street businesses on traffic matters. Perhaps a survey could         be undertaken at some point.
        c)    Several positive emails have been received relating to the last OSCAR article on the T&S objectives for 2020/21
7.    Liaison Updates
        a)    Green Dreamers – Brian was cut off when the call stopped. Report to be continued at the next meeting.
        b)    OTLBC – James to check on the status of the Beach Volleyball Program for this year and also any traffic issues.  There has been an         ongoing issue with traffic during the VB season and we have been working with the VB organizers for the last two years in response to         residents’ complaints.  It was noted that this is a neighbourhood issue not just one related to streets immediately adjacent to the Club

8.    Other Business  

9.    Next Meeting – Tuesday July 7, 2020 at 12:30pm

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