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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting - Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 12:30 pm
Via Zoom

Present: Kathy Krywicki, Eric van der Torre, Brian Ure, James Grant (by phone), Sue Neill
Regrets: Betty McGregor, Ariel-Ann Lyons

1. Welcome

2. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday June 2, 2020 – approved as corrected. Sue to check on posting

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

        a) Meeting with Phil Landry and Shawn Menard
                - Sue to write a follow-up note on Photo radar (suggestion to have only a photo instead of a bilingual sign of notification), also on the                 Seneca/Cameron intersection plus flex sticks outside the tennis club
                - Sue to write to NCC about the Echo ramp and the Echo/Colonel By crossing

        b) OSCAR Article by James
                - Two responses received
                – Glebe Report requesting a similar article
                – James to prepare
                - James to write to the those who respond acknowledging their email
                - Consider follow-up in September; James to lead depending on the activity
                - Erik to post article on social media and Kathy in Between the Bridges – try to generate some enthusiasm

4. Priority Business

        a) Bank Street Canal Bridge Proposal
                Initial Discussion
                -T&S to respond in two phases
                – initial with questions, then final position
                - why is Lansdowne transportation plan dictating “safe” road structure?
                - could have bus parking outside the retirement home on the north west side
                - better than the bus/bike sharing proposal
                - Sue to draft and circulate to T&S

                T&S should also encourage individual responses as well as one T&S response

        b) Bank Street Parking Inventory – Sue and Betty
                - Data is interesting and could be useful in some discussions about Bank Street
                - Demonstrated that there is a lot of parking on Bank Street and in business lots without even considering side streets

        c) 30 KM Speed Zone – East of Bank Street?
                - Shawn to introduce a motion at the next Transportation Committee meeting asking that OOS east of Bank be declared a 30 km speed                 zone

        d) Seneca/Cameron Intersection
                - No further response following the meeting with Shawn and Phil – Sue to include in follow up response

5. Communications

        a) Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns - Kathy
        b) Future OSCAR Articles - maybe an article and photo by Ariel-Ann on traffic safety measures initiated by neighbours; maybe an article on         our response to the Bank Street Bridge proposal; may be a combined September/October issue

6. Resident/Business Concerns

        a) Patios on Bank Street – no information that any businesses have requested that a parking spot be dedicated to them

7. Liaison Updates

        a) Green Dreamers
                - Green Dreamers close to signing an agreement with the City Adopt a Road Program relating to both Bank and Sunnyside
                - Green Dreamers have a Zoom account which could possibly be used by T&S
                - City has become interested in the Sunnyside Rain Gardens and is watering twice a week

        b) OTLBC – status of Beach Volleyball
                - Just getting ready to start beach volleyball; format unclear at the moment but probably not full six aside due to Covid
                - No traffic issues anticipated because of reduced numbers of participants

8. Other Business
        - Some traffic concerns relating to the Covid testing Centre – traffic being directed into community instead of Bronson – Shawn is sorting out         with City staff
        - Erik to circulate email string to T&S
        - New Flex stick plate seems to have appeared on Hopewell between Leonard and Grosvenor – Erik to check out and let us know

9. Next Meeting – Tuesday August 4, 2020 at 12:30pm

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