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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 12:30 pm
Via Zoom Videoconference

Present: Kathy Krywicki, Betty McGregor, Brian Ure, Ariel-Ann Lyons, James Grant, Sue Neill

Regrets: Erik van der Torre

  1. Welcome
  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday July 7, 2020 – approved and posted
  1. Business Arising from the Minutes
  1. Meeting with Phil Landry and Shawn Menard

Sue reviewed the response to a letter which she had written as a follow up to the June 16 meeting with Phil and Shawn. 

  • Flex sticks to be installed as requested;  a painted extension of the bulbout on the north east corner of Seneca to be installed by July 31 (not done); Stop sign in the bike lane on Cameron to be moved closer to the corner along with the yellow stop bar
  • Permanent bulbout at the top of the Echo ramp – will be considered as part of the construction of the MUP
  • Some progress has been made in reducing the sign requirements which must be in place before photo radar can be used; current sign requirements do not allow photo radar to be used on Bank Street in OOS; pilot to take place in the spring with report to the Transportation Committee to follow (NB for OOS to keep applying pressure to be among the first included once the signage has been resolved) ; note photo radar has been installed on Smyth
  • Sue noted that she had written to Joel Harden to support change to the signage requirement but had had no acknowledgement of the letter
  1. OSCAR Article by James – no further response
  • Noted that re this type of campaign, may be best to just do it, even with just a few people and see if it grows
  • A lot going on with the bridge right now
  1. Priority Business
  1. Bank Street Canal Bridge Submission and Response
  • The T&S Committee had submitted a response in two parts. It was agreed that we should combine our two responses into one article for the next issue of the OSCAR. Sue to prepare and circulate for input
  1. Seneca/Cameron Intersection –
  • It was noted that the “playground entrance” sign recently installed on the roadway on Belmont could be useful at the exit of Brewer Park onto the Cameron/Seneca intersection.   Also, a green strip marking the bike lane could be helpful in highlighting the bike lane as it crosses Seneca. It was agreed that we should let the City complete the proposed changes to this intersection before requesting further changes.
  1. Seneca/Colonel By Intersection 
  • Considerable progress has been made. The lights are installed and the landscaping completed.  No news yet on the date the crosswalk will be operational.
  1. Communication
  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy will try to think of something; others send ideas
  2. Future OSCAR Articles  - deadline is August 14; article on the bridge submission to be included
  1. Resident/Business Concerns
  1. Riverdale traffic calming measures 
  • Councillor’s office has received emails from residents about dangerous traffic on Riverdale but has not found any solutions – must be low cost
  • Some ideas proposed by committee members:
  • Cars speed to make the green light; possible blinders so light colour is not visible
  • Flex sticks in place on Sherwood in the middle of the road with speed limit on the flex stick
  • Possible parking on Riverdale to slow traffic
  • Ban trucks on Riverdale
  • Ariel-Ann, Kathy, Sue to meet on Riverdale to discuss possible solutions
  1. Liaison Updates
  2. Green Dreamers – Brian
  • Green Dreamers back in action
  • Negotiations on the Adopt Agreement with the City are continuing
  1. OTLBC – status of Beach Volleyball
  • At the request of Sylvia Manning, a note was included in News Between the Bridges reminding residents to call either the City or the Police for traffic misdemeanours in light of the start of the beach volleyball season at the tennis club
  1. Other Business
  1. Road Safety Action Plan Update
  • Brian tried several times to get onto the ZOOM update but could not; he will obtain the information from the meeting and circulate to the T&S Committee
  1. Letter to the NCC
  • To be written pointing out the need for a safe crossing of Colonel By Drive at Echo
  • Suggested to also include the picture of the pathways in Stanley Park as circulated by James
  • Sue to check with John Dance re any follow-up he has received in response to his letter to the NCC concerning the dangerous state of the pathway along Colonel By Drive
  1. Next Meeting – Tuesday September 1, 2020 at 12:30pm 

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