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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, September 1

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 12:30 pm
Via Zoom Videoconference

Present: Kathy Krywicki, Brian Ure, Betty McGregor, James Grant, Sue Neill

Regrets: Erik van der Torre, Ariel-Ann Lyons

  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday August 4, 2020 – approved and posted on the OSCA website
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes
  1. Email from Joel Harden’s office – a response to our letter concerning photo radar was finally received from Samika Rayeda of Joel Harden’s office; They indicated that they were working on it and could arrange a briefing with Joel if we wanted; We decided that no further action was required at this point.
  1. Priority Business
  1. Colonel By/Seneca Intersection.

Completed! A major accomplishment for the T&S Committee.James and family will provide a photo for the next OSCAR. Eli Duern to be asked to take the photo.

Noted that cyclists are not aware of when the sensor is functioning. Could be signs installed. Kathy mentioned another form of experimental device for notification re sensors.

  1. Councillor’s Report to the Transportation Committee Meeting – September 2/20
  • Bank Street Canal Bridge Safety Enhancement Proposal – Sue to make a presentation to the Committee indicating our support for segregated spaces for vehicles, bike and pedestrians
  • Gateway Speed Zone – proposal from the Shawn to include all of OOS and OOE as part of a Gateway Speed Zone – ie 30 km/hr
  1. Draft Letter to the NCC – letter has been revised based on input from Kathy; To be circulated again to Committee members later in the week.

Agreed not to include the Colonel By MUP in this letter but will not forget it.

  1. Riverdale Proposals – T&S sent a letter to the Councillor about traffic issues on Riverdale with some suggestions; response was that they had some changes in mind and ours would be considered at a later date; Agreed to wait to see if eastern OOS becomes a Gateway speed zone then decide on follow-up
  1. Communication
  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy – possibly something related to sensors at the new crossing at Seneca/Colonel By
  2. Future OSCAR Articles;- possibly an article on Seneca/Colonel By or the Bank Street Bridge; noted the article on the Rain Gardens prepared by the City staff members; possibly she could prepare another article describing how rain gardens work.
  1. Resident/Business Concerns
  1. Crossing lights gone – intersection of Main and Colonel By
  • Kathy provided a response to the question of why the lights had disappeared. Had been temporary during the canal wall reconstruction. Noted in the response from the Councillor’s office, his belief that there should be more safe crossings of Colonel By in order to provide access to the Canal
  1. Bus Service # 7 – Grove. Email received noting noise and speed of buses on Grove. James and Betty to reply
  2. Fairbairn/Belmont – we sent an email to the Councillor requesting that care be taken to keep the sidewalks open for children going to school. Except for the first day, this has been the case.
  3. Email received commenting of heavy truck traffic on Sunnyside – Sue to reply
  4. Reduction of speeding on the Bank Street Bridge; Sue and Brian Tansey have been trying to make contact to discuss Brian’s idea without success; James to follow-up with Brian.
  5. 1050-1060 Bank. Kathy reported that the project has gone to Planning Committee and been approved. Entrance to and egress from the parking garage will be on Aylmer
  1. Liaison Updates
  1. Green Dreamers MOU

Ingrid Nielsen has been appointed to the OSCA Board with an interest in environmental matters. In the future, it is likely that there will be an OSCA Environment Committee and the Green Dreamers will become part of that committee

  1. OTLBC – Beach Volleyball is just starting up. No formal report of traffic issues so far. No stop sign yet at Cameron and Seneca – suggestion to put flex sticks on new painted bulb out since cars seem to be driving through the painted area.
  1. Hopewell Parent’s Council – no report
  1. Other Business

Next Meeting – Tuesday October 6, 2020 at 12:30pm

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