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A summary of all the Old Ottawa South residents who have been recognized for their dedication to the community.


Person Award Category Citation
Marcel Belanger OSCA Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award Marcel has been an active member of the Brewer Park Community Garden since its beginning in 2011. 
Brewer Park Community Garden and Biodome OSCA Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award Over the past 5 years, the Brewer Park Community Garden (BPCG) has made an exceptional contribution to Old Ottawa South. This former patch of open lawn has been transformed into a vibrant, fertile space, with dozens of garden boxes being tended to.
  • Marcel Belanger - Past President 2014-2016
  • Danielle Cantin - Past President 2013-2014
  • Ed Kucerak
  • Edmond Marc du Rogoff
  • Michael Oster - Co-Lead Biodome Build
  • Johanne Ranger - President 2017
  • Guy Souliere Co-Lead Biodome Build
  • Lori Waller - Lead Coordinator 2012 (Founding year)
Brenda Lee OSCA Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award For over 20 years of volunteering on the OSCA Board and on the Events Committee.
OSCAR Newspaper Delivery Area Captains OSCA Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award The following are long time coordinators or "Area Captains" who have delivered the OSCAR for more than a decade, some for several decades:  
  • Ross Imrie
  • Janet Drysdale
  • Laura Johnson
  • Carol O’Connor
Winnie Pietrykowski OSCA Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award An enthusiastic resident of Old Ottawa South for over 30 years, Winnie has volunteered and given back to the community in many ways, including sitting on the OSCA Board and Chairing the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee (T&S).
Erik van der Torre OSCA Volunteer of the Year Outstanding leadership and contribution to the Hopewell Yard Every Leaf Counts Campaign
Tracy Arnett OSCA Lifetime Achievement Long-time donor to OSCA and community events
Quinn Hodgins OSCA Lifetime Achievement Local business owner, volunteer, and community supporter extraordinaire
Noel Lomer OSCA Lifetime Achievement Old Ottawa South’s very own Johnny Appleseed, planting and nuturing trees as part of the urban forest along Bronson Place


Michael Jenkin

City of Ottawa Commemorative Naming Past OSCA President, long-time OOS volunteer and board member, and key role in the Firehall renovation project

GwenGall - GlendyOnRoad

Gwen Gall

OSCA Lifetime Volunteerism Past OSCA board member and editor/contributor for oldottawasouth.ca website; exceptional commitment to the community
John Taylor OSCA Lifetime Volunteerism Master chef and perennial contributor of food, judging, and good cheer to OSCA festivals
Robert Burr OSCA Lifetime Volunteerism Past OSCA board member, long time webmaster
Gary Lum    Gary Lum City of Ottawa Distinguished Civic Award for the Environment Many years of volunteering with the OOS community. Worked extensively on maintaining and improving local parks, including many years as coordinator of the Windsor Park ice rink, founder and chair of the Old Ottawa South Parks Renewal Committee, and developing a revitalization plan for Windsor Park that included re-naturalization of the city’s ward yard depot.
Gary Lum    Gary Lum OSCA Lifetime Volunteerism Past OSCA board member, long time coordinator of Windsor Ice Rink, founded and chaired Old Ottawa South Parks Renewal Committee, lead many local parks improvement projects, contributed to The OSCAR
    David Bouse OSCA Lifetime Volunteerism past OSCA board member, Hopewell Avenue Public School volunteer, produced "Essential Guide to Old Ottawa South 1999", contributed to OSCA website and  The OSCAR, spearheaded the creation of the Robert McDougall Memorial Children's Garden
Missy Fraser Whitton Community Activism  
Jennifer Knight Whitton Community Activism Lobster Supper leader
Old Ottawa South Business Group Whitton Business  
Anne Marie Corbett Whitton Recreation  
Brenda Lee Whitton Recreation  
Leo Doyle Whitton Community Activism  
Ross Imrie Whitton Community Activism  
Michael Jenkin Whitton Community Activism  
Brian Tansey Whitton Community Activism  
Dale Shaw Whitton   Posthumous
Windsor Park Rink Committee of OSCA City of Ottawa Unknown, possibly for 2001 For the quality of their ice surface and for their maintenance work in general
Hopewell Avenue School Council City of Ottawa Community Pride Hopewell Avenue School Grass Yard Project - clean up and beautification project of the school yard under the direction of the HASC with the help of parents and students
Mike Lascelles City of Ottawa Mayor's Award for Community Service Former OSCA Board member for many years. Worked on a wide variety of community projects. Spearheaded a millennium project centred on restoring the Rideau River ecological system in our neighbourhood, a project that has garnered over $100,000 in funding.
Rob Clipperton City of Ottawa Mayor's Award for Community Service Many contributions to community including a neighbourhood group dedicated to maintaining the Windsor Park ice surfaces over many winters. Master of ceremonies at OSCA's media night. Part of many similar events across the City supporting such diverse groups as Opera Lyra and the Heart Institute.
John Graham Whitton Community Activism OSCA president, volunteered many years in Old Ottawa South. After leading the 17th Southminster Beaver Colony for 11 years.
Bob Adamyk Whitton Sports & Recreation volunteered since he moved to Old Ottawa South in 1980. Serving on the executive of the Ottawa Centre Minor Hockey Association, received the Rod Bryden Trophy in 1999.
Jeff Hume Whitton Sports & Recreation instilled lasting values of good sportsmanship in the young players he has come in contact with since 1997.
John Loop Whitton Sports & Recreation helped develop positive self images for many young softball and hockey players.
Abby Pollonetsky Whitton Arts & Culture OSCA board member, leader in bringing the Annual Media Extravaganza with local media personalities and journalists to the community.
Arthur McGregor and Terry Penner Whitton Business & Commercial Activities owners of the Folklore Centre, valuable contribution to business and culture. They have employed many musicians, songwriters and skilled craftspeople and given countless hours of pleasure to thousands of music lovers.
Bernie Diepman City of Ottawa Community Pride resident of Lexington Apartments near Linda Thom Park; 10 years of planting tulip bulbs around the building; enthusiastic green thumb. Both the City Living Corporation and his building’s Tenants Committee financially help with his many plants.
Environment Committee of Ottawa South (ECOS) City of Ottawa Environmental Award

Primarily for its Millennium Project Restore the Rideau.

Greg Wright City of Ottawa Mayor's Award for Community Service former OSCA President; chaired traffic study steering committee; founding member of Coalition of Inner City Community Associations, and City Centre Coalition (CCC), a group opposed to the Airport Parkway Extension
Deirdre McQuillan Whitton Community Activism

For the past decade Executive Director of Old Ottawa South Community Association; last year coordinated the children’s soccer program

Doug Stickley Whitton Community Activism OSCA President; as treasurer for OSCA significantly improved fiscal reporting and helped generate a sizable surplus.
Bob Simpson Whitton Sports & Recreation Life long resident of Old Ottawa South; Treasurer of Glebe Little League for 8 years.
Peter Wells Whitton Arts & Culture Member of OSCA Board of Directors. Made a special cultural contribution by coordinating The Essential Guide to Old Ottawa South. Spearheaded a drive to restore the Old Firehall.
Lyne Burton and Joan Garvey Whitton Business & Commerce Boomerang Kids co-owners. Sponsored: entire Ottawa South Soccer League (15 teams) since 1996; a team in the Ottawa Centre Minor Hockey Association; and participated in the Big Sisters Christmas Tree Fundraiser. Founding members of the Old Ottawa South Business Group. Twice a week, Maison D’Amitié, a shelter for battered women and the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa-Carleton arrive and fill their vehicles with donations of used clothing, toys and baby equipment. Aproached the Children’s Wish Foundation and  hosted the NCC’S First Annual Strollerthon on Sunday May 30.
Mike Lascelles and Michael Loewen Whitton Environment Have initiated and lead a wide variety of local volunteer projects. Secured a Millennium grant to enhance the Rideau habitat, matching funds from the Mayor’s Task Force and a major Regional reforestation project for tree planting on Bronson. Organised co-operative environmental projects in conjunction with several key area stakeholders and many community groups
Reg Charette Whitton Community Activism

School Council Chair of St. Margaret-Mary School; united parents, clergy and community to keep a valuable Catholic elementary school in the heart of Old Ottawa South and save Bytown Daycare housed at the school.

Donna Silver Whitton Community Activism

Volunteered at the Sandy Hill Housing Co-Operative as Director and Chair of Communications and Maintenance Committees; president of Heron Park North Community Association; served on Zone 4 Community Working Group dealing with school closures. Works in Clive Doucet's office.

Gary Lum Whitton    
Brad Cairns & Heather Cairns Whitton    
Sandra Garland Whitton   editor of OSCAR
Hedrik Wachelka Whitton    
John Loucks Whitton   principal of Hopewell
Pat Kealey Whitton    
Bill McCauley Whitton    
Jennie Aliman Whitton   Hopewell School
Wendy Earl Whitton   Southminster Church
Al & Marylin Gillich Whitton    
Susan (Leah) Cherry Whitton   President of OSCA board
Kenneth Ross Whitton   had a studio in OOS
Greg Wright Whitton   President of OSCA board
Wendy Daigle-Zinn Whitton    
Jeff Harrison & Victoria Dickenson Whitton Environment amateur naturalists, "The Urban Naturalist" column in The Ottawa Citizen for seven years, sought to increase interest and awareness for nature within the urban community.
OPIRG-Carleton Whitton Environment non-profit, student-run organization involved in research, education and action on social and environmental issues, has been involved in a naturalization project at Carleton University to turn a piece of land into a home for native animals and vegetation.
David Bouse Whitton Arts & Culture restoration architect and heritage conservation specialist, helped heighten community awareness of, and interest in, the history of Old Ottawa South.
Susan Gillmor Whitton Arts & Culture local artist, President of Art Lending of Ottawa, a volunteer organization working to make local art accessible to residents of Ottawa and increase exposure of area artists.
Robert Cook Whitton Sports & Recreation coordinator of OSCA soccer house league program, 1992-95, organized one of the largest and most successful soccer house league programs in the City.
Kristina Liljefors Whitton Sports & Recreation extremely active in scouting for 13 years as leader of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers. Throughout her service, she has had a tremendous impact on young people in our community.
Chris Branch Whitton Business & Commercial Activities worked hard to integrate business and the community by organizing and funding, through his company, The Halifax Group, the widely anticipated annual OSCA soccer festival.
Peter Hecht Whitton Community Activism Editor of the OSCAR, put together community newspaper every month and ensured Ottawa South residents remained informed of activities in their neighbourhood.
Ken Slemko Whitton Community Activism active with the Hopewell School Parent Teacher Organization for several years and presently as Chairperson of the Hopewell Renovation Committee.
Forrest and Diana Smith Whitton Community Activism active members since 1979. Diana has been involved with the OSCA and Hopewell School, while Forrest initiated OSCA T-ball and soccer programs, as well as the first street hockey tournament in 1994.
The Perley Hospital Whitton Honourary part of Old Ottawa South since 1915 and widely recognized for excellence in patient care and cost effectiveness.
John Lubrun Whitton Environment custodian and gardener at Ottawa South Branch Library, for his beautiful garden which greatly contributes to our community
Paul Power Whitton Sports & Recreation extensive involvement with the Glebe Little League for the past 10 years
Joe Silverman Whitton Sports & Recreation organization of recreational activities including the annual Pansy Picnic, the Pansy Fire and Ice Festival and the Pansy Avenue Ball Hockey League
Barbara Ramsay Whitton Business & Commercial Activities OOS resident and owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart in Merivale Mall, recently named 1994 Exemplary Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year for her participation in community and economic development.
Darrell Richards Whitton Business & Commercial Activities operates The Bike Stop on Bank Street and is Transport 2000's project leader on the commuter rail initiative.
John Gomez Whitton Arts & Culture professional musician and music teacher who has made a tremendous contribution to the musical community
Julian Smith Whitton Arts & Culture talented architect and creative genius behind restoration of the Aberdeen Pavilion.
Russ Barton Whitton Community Activism past president of OSCA, past president of the Federation of Citizens' Associations.
Carleton Foot Patrol Whitton Community Activism student-run and staffed, escorts individuals from anywhere on campus, to anywhere on or around campus. Over 350 volunteers participate in the program and make Carleton a safer community.
Michael Lynch Whitton Community Activism past president of OSCA, active supporter of the Ottawa South Merchants Association, the Community Enterprise Centre and Freenet.
Don Finless and Sandra Zed Finless Whitton Community Activism relatively new in Old Ottawa South, very active in the Glebe and worked for many years on the Glebe Community Association executive. Don helped found the Great Glebe Garage Sale, is now in its 10th year.
Dave McNicoll Whitton    
17th Ottawa South Venturer Company Whitton    
Mike Zoryk Whitton    
Gordon Hauser Whitton    
Allison Woyiwada Whitton    
Roger Camm Whitton    
Sandra Garland. Whitton    
John Bond Whitton   chair ECOS and heads up the Riverbank project.
Donna Walsh Whitton   chair OSWATCH.
Fran Mowbray Whitton Environment spokesperson for Rideau RiverWatch and former environment rep for the Ottawa South Community Association.
Randi Cherry Whitton Environment Earthwise Players and runs an organic food co-op from her home.
Elaine Vacher Whitton Business manager of Tallmire Fashions, ongoing involvement in the business community, one of the founders of Friends of Lansdowne Park, helped organize campaigns around shopping Canadian and Sunday shopping.
Brodie Shearer Whitton Arts & Culture achievements as a painter and sculptor. He teaches from a studio in his home and an exhibit of more than 50 years of his work was recently displayed at Arts Court.
Jan & Keith Willis Whitton Sports & Recreation seven year commitment to the Minor Hockey Association.
Peter Biesterfield Whitton Sports & Recreation co-ordinator of the house league soccer program.
Bonnie and Larry Ostler Whitton Sports & Recreation organizing Ottawa South Neighbourhood run.
Leslie Roster Whitton Sports & Recreation one of the founders of the Glebe Little League baseball.
Bob Pilon Whitton Sports & Recreation commitment to the soccer league in Ottawa South. Bob died last spring of cancer and his efforts are clearly missed by the community. His wife Sue Pisterman and daughter Morgan Pilon accepted the award on his behalf. (posthumously)
David Webber Whitton Community Activism past president of OSCA, leads a Boy Scout Pack, on the Board of the Perley Hospital, active member of Southminister United Church.
Lynn Graham Whitton Community Activism former OSCA Board member, active with Hopewell School, working with the Ottawa Board of Education to increase community space in Ottawa South.
Windsor Park Rink Committee City of Ottawa Award of Merit For outstanding rink operations
(OSCAR, May 1987, pg 1)
Gord Patterson unknown Manager of the Century (OSCAR, May 1987, pg 1)
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