Old Ottawa South Community Association

Windsor Park Fieldhouse Working Group

An ad-hoc committee established by the OSCA Board to review options for the fieldhouse at Windsor Park

See also the following updates to the OSCA board:

Board Report on Windsor Park Work Program for 2021

Windsor Park Fieldhouse Working Group
Board Report on Work Program for 2021


Our work plan for 2021 has been shaped by the following considerations:

  1. opposition from some community members to the size and location of our recommended design for a new fieldhouse, outlined in our article in the January 2021 issue of The OSCAR;
  1. new flexibility from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) on the conditions under which we might build on the existing fieldhouse site, which is located in the floodplain of the Rideau River;
  1. the availability of accurate survey mapping data of the Park from the City which was made available at the end of February 2021;
  1. the availability, likely in the late Spring or early Summer, of a Phase 2, ESA from the City which will hopefully reveal the nature and extent of the sub-soil contamination issues at the site of the existing fieldhouse and potentially if any environmental issues exist at the site which the WG proposed in the January OSCAR article; and
  1. our decision not to proceed with an application to the City’s Community Partnerships Major Capital Projects Program for 2021.


Key Tasks and Order in Which the Working Group will address them:

  1. Reassessment of Original Fieldhouse Site using new survey data
  1. Trial Floor Plans for new building on site of existing fieldhouse
  1. Decision on whether to offer a Second Option
  1. Assessment of Phase 2 ESAs
  1. Decision on Consultation Process with the Community
  1. Develop Recommendation for OSCA Board on Preferred Design
  1. Develop Application to the City’s Community Partnerships Major Capital Projects Program (due March 1, 2022) and draft funding raising plan.


Proposed Preliminary Timeline

Task 1 (Site assessment):                                                              early May

Task 2 (Trial Floor Plans for Existing Site):                                   early July

Task 3 (Decision on whether to Develop 2nd Option):                  mid-July

Task 3 (completion of Second Design):                            early September

Task 4 (Assessment of Part 2 ESAs):                               early September

Task 5 (Consultation Process):                                            late September

Task 6 (Report to Board):                                                              November

Task 6 (Board Decision):                                                          January 2022

Task 6 (Submission to City):                                                       March 2022


Windsor Park Fieldhouse Working Group 2021 Budget


For the 2021 Year, and essentially for the half year from June to December, the Working Group proposes the following:

OSCA Staff time:

Approximately 10 hours of staff time to deal with communications issues associated with Community consultations, including:

  • Helping design and disseminate consultation documents to the community; and
  • Designing survey instruments to gain community views on design proposals.

Cash Expenditures:

It is unclear at this time what our expenditure requirements will be, as it depends on the degree to which we can generate some volunteer help from skilled amateurs or pro-bono work from professionals.  The two principal tasks which may require financial expenditures include:

  • Creation of architectural drawings of the floorplan and perspective views of the exterior of proposed design options; and
  • Engineering assistance on estimating the “cut and fill” requirements to get the fieldhouse above the 100-year flood boundary.

The WG is mindful of OSCA’s existing financial circumstances and will, to the extent possible rely on volunteer labour.  However, preparation of floorplan and elevation views may cost approximately $2,500.00.


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