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Windsor Park Fieldhouse.
Windsor Park Fieldhouse. Photo by Kathy Krywicki.

A New Fieldhouse for Windsor Park

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The quest to design a brand new fieldhouse in Windsor Park continues despite the citywide COVID lockdown. The working group struck by the OSCA Board to engage all stakeholders and find a solution carries on with its mission. Our earlier consultations with the community revealed some of your most pressing needs, while our outreach to specific groups—including a targeted survey of residents bordering the park—gave a clearer picture of what is wanted. Now we have created a portal on the OSCA website that allows Old Ottawa South residents a continued opportunity to give us your feedback.

The community has already identified the features it considers essential to a community-centred park: accessible washrooms and changing rooms, storage space for sports and other equipment, indoor programming facilities, a kitchen for catering, as well as facilities that can support outdoor programming.

Meanwhile we are continuing to engage with the City of Ottawa in order to understand and incorporate the design specifications and regulatory requirements that must be in place for the site. These include considerations of the flood plain where the fieldhouse is situated, as well as code requirements for some of the fieldhouse’s key facilities. We hope to share a fieldhouse design with you later in the autumn.

If you haven’t yet weighed in on what the fieldhouse is lacking and must include, or have some new or additional thoughts to share, you have until the end of July to do so. So click on to the fieldhouse link on the OSCA website and put in your two cents!

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